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How to get RAServer working on non-rpm systems (was Re: [hyades-dev] Segmentation fault from hand-built RAServer)

Samson Wai said:
> John,
> First, please look at bugzilla 71196 to make sure you have set up the
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the correct JVM library.

Spectacular.  There are two directories in Sun's JDK distro that contain
libjvm.so: jre/lib/i386/server and jre/lib/i386/client.  Admittedly
ignorant of the implications of each, I had set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
point to the client directory.  Pointing it to the server directory
instead enabled the binary version downloaded from the web site to work.

My homebuilt version still segfaults, which is odd, but I unfortunately
need to move forward now and can't afford to investigate further.  I may
return to it in a few days and try a fresh build and see what happens.

For anyone who attempts to use the RAServer binary distro from the web
site on a non-rpm system like mine (UserLinux) that ***doesn't already
have libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 installed***, here are the steps to get from
there to here:

1.  Download the Alien package convertor
(http://www.kitenet.net/programs/alien/) if your system doesn't provide
2.  Download the binary collection engine from http://eclipse.org/hyades.
3.  Download a compat-libstdc++ rpm from one of the Red Hat distros.  I
personally used compat-libstdc++-8- from Fedora, found on
4.  Run "alien --to-tgz <your compat rpm here>" on the downloaded rpm. 
This will convert it into gzipped tar ball.  Extract the tar ball and copy
the files found under /usr/lib *in the tarball* to somewhere convenient. 
If you want to install them system wide you can place them somewhere under
/usr/lib, but if you'll only be using them for Hyades, place them
somewhere under your RAServer root, like /opt/RAServer/compatlibs.  Add
this directory to your enviroment's LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.
5.  Follow the instructions to set up RAServer found in the
getting_started.html file packaged with it.
6.  ***MAKE SURE*** you've added the directory containing the ***server***
version of libjvm.so to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
7.  Run RAServer, as described in getting_started.html.

You should be up and running!

Richard and Samson, thank you very much for giving me the push in the
right direction! The segfault problem is likely to drive me crazy, because
I just can't stand to let those unknowns go, but I'll leave it alone for

Thanks again for everything.