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[hyades-dev] Choreography group meeting minutes

Attached are the choreography group meeting minutes for today.

Antony Miguel
Scapa Technologies
+44 131 550 1766
Hyades Choreography group meeting ? September 22nd 2004


	Antony Miguel, Scapa
	Joe Toomey, Rational


1. Discuss Hyades Testability Interface document


1. Proposals in the document are generally OK but the question of where the WSDL binding files should go needs to be answered.  Also the document could do with some examples of the WSDL files etc and a brief explanation of what they represent.

2. After some discussion it is agreed that rather than having a separate deployment class to reference WSDL binding files, the WSDL binding files should be referenced along with interface definitions as TPFSUTs.

3. Although it has little effect on the current proposals, TPFSUTs should be referenced by testsuites rather than contained by them.  This will allow sharing of SUTs across testsuites.  This has minimal effect on the current proposals because the TPFSUTs are only really file references anyway.

4. In the future it will be desirable to separate out the concepts of interface definitions and their corresponding implementations in the SUT.  It is not yet clear how this separation should be addressed in the models.


1. Joe will find out what the issues will be in having TPFTestSuites reference TPFSUTs

2. Antony will alter the document to take into account the decision to use TPFSUTs for WSDL binding files and add overviews of WSDL files etc as described above.