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RE: [hyades-dev] external behavior, was: goals for script/record/play

Talking about external behavior, can Hyades be used to kick-off a
command line driven test?  

Jim Saliba

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Michael.Norman Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:04:49 +0100
> Anyway, quite obviously I have limited knowledge of JUNIT
> derivatives although some of our guys have worked with Abbot in
> particular and were very positive about it and in fact we support it
> as an external behaviour to our existing commerical testing tool
> (which in turn is an external behaviour as far as Hyades is
> concerned), and we have a bunch of additional APIs which filter back
> through a circuitous route into the Hyades Execution History.

Could you (or delegate, or someone on this list) point me toward more
information about the meaning of "external behavior" in the Hyades
context, and how they work? Sounds like it might be "the poor man's
way" to plug into Hyades--satisficing though perhaps suboptimal.

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