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Re: [hyades-dev] MM "Support for JUnit derivative projects such as HTTPUnit, Cactus, Abbot..."

Hello Kent,
My apologies for contacting you directly, I hope that this is no problem.
I'am replying to your message in the Hyades newsgroup where you mentioned that your teams owns the Hyades plugins for URL testing.
My name is Heinz Drews, I'm a software architect living in Austin, Texas.
I have worked on a HTTP testing tool before, migrated some of the elements, logging and resource utilization, to Hyades.
Additionally I want to use the Hydes test generator and contribute to the development.
I have worked on multithreading and authorization handling for the playbacks.
Can you point me to documentation or guidelines to establish a test environment for the URL-plugin?
E.g. retrieving the unit tests.
And which is the best forum to communicate?
The newsgroup for Hyades has a very low activity, the mailing list discusses primarily project organization and I don't want to clutter the list with technical issues.
Best regards,
Heinz Drews