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[hyades-dev] Contact reports - awards, speaking opportunities, articles


Below is a summary of contact reports detailing promotional 
opportunities for the Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) project 
(awards, speaking opportunities, articles). It was agreed in last week's 
marketing group meeting that this information would be distributed more 
widely to hyades-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxx 

Please take a look at the details below and advise the marketing group 
if you can contribute to any of these opportunities for the TPTP 


Melanie Woods
Scapa Technologies
Email: melanie.woods@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

- Java Developer?s Journal Readers? Choice Awards, ?Best of the Best?. 
Voting opened August 31st and finishes at midnight on December 31st, 
2004. More details from: http://sys-con.com/java/readerschoice2004/
- Electronic Products Magazine Product of the Year Awards (for products 
introduced between Nov. 1, 2003 and Oct. 31, 2004). Deadline for 
abstract submission is September 15. Materials (including datasheets, 
photographs, brochures, and news releases) required by October 15th. 
More details from: http://elecprod2.com/poy.html

Events/Speaking Opportunities:
- International Web Services Conference and Expo, Boston 15-18 February 
N.B. Deadline for submission has passed (August 14, 2004).

- LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, Boston, 14-17 February 2005
Deadline to Submit a Proposal: Friday, September 10th, 2004 

The LinuxWorld Conference in Boston will offer insights into Linux and 
Open Source as a complete solution to your enterprise needs. We are 
looking for topics which will cover the areas of deployment and 
management in the following areas: 
- Client Side Linux 
- System and Application Management 
- Kernel and Cluster Issues 
- Integration and Mixed Environments 
- Security Issues 
- Data Center 

We are also looking for talks which will focus on Business and address 
strategic issues such as ROI, TCO, Standards, Architecture, and offer 
Case Studies. Finally, we will have an Emerging Technologies track which 
will incorporate Open Source issues along with other hot topics.

- OOPSLA, Vancouver, October 24-28, 2004
Poster Reception Invitation  
eclipse Technology eXchange (eTX) Poster Session and Reception Sunday, 
October 24 - 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. (immediately following workshops) - 
Ballroom C, Vancouver Convention Center

Open to all OOPSLA attendees, the session will highlight posters and 
demos of Eclipse projects and related technology. Refreshments will be 
served, and an entertaining time is guaranteed! 

You are invited to present a poster at the reception. Simply send a note 
with a very brief abstract and title of the poster, including 
presenters' names and affiliations to casinfo@xxxxxxxxxx

- EclipseCon, Burlingame, February 23?March 3, 2005
Call for participation has been announced. Contributions from the Test & 
Performance area are welcome. Deadline for proposals is October 1, 2004. 
Full submission details from: http://www.eclipse.org. All other 
inquiries regarding EclipseCon 2005 email: eclipsecon2005@xxxxxxxxxxx 

- ObjectWeb Conference in Lyon, France, 17-19 January 2005
Middleware-focused conference that offers an opportunity to Eclipse 
projects or members who have technology focus in this area. Deadline for 
papers is September 15th, 2004. Each proposal for a conference session 
should contain the following information: 
The title of the presentation. 
A brief outline or abstract of the presentation (not to exceed 400 
For each speaker, the speaker name, title, company, professional street 
and email addresses, phone and fax numbers. Addresses, phone and fax 
numbers are for organization purposes only and will not be distributed 
to third parties without prior agreement. 
A short biography of the proposed speaker(s) showing relevant experience 
and qualification to speak on the proposed subject matter (not to exceed 
300 words). 

- Software Test & Performance Conference, December 7-9, 2004 
N.B. Deadline for submission has passed (July 23, 2004).

Note that the response deadlines on these article submissions may have 
passed, and that abstract submission deadlines are closing. Immediate 
submissions might still be welcome.

- contributed article discussing software with the focus on engineering 
project management for the March/April 2005 issue of IEEE Software 
Magazine. The deadline for abstract submission has passed (September 
1st). Apply directly to the magazine. The application can be located 
online at: http://cs-ieee.manuscriptcentral.com/ and full editorial 
guidelines regarding IEEE Software can be located at: 

- article for Dr. Dobbs Journal on the topic of Development Environments 
& Platforms featuring Eclipse technology. The abstract submission 
deadline is September 10th. Abstracts should be submitted to the Eclipse 
PR agency, Patterson & Associates for consideration (email: