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[hyades-dev] HCE component versioning (was raserver versioning)

> Just accessing the version info in the serviceconfig.xml 
> programmatically from the workbench may not be sufficient.
> The incident we ran into recently was a new (3.x) 
> installation picking up pre-3.0 libraries from a shared
> location like system32 or /usr/lib. The version info from
> serviceconfig.xml would surely have returned 3.0...but 
> it would have been a lie.

What Kim says here is relevant to the HCE committee work that is ongoing. 
We should include a new query (or a standard, required variable) which 
holds version information. We should give agent writers guidance that this 
variable should be populated at run time based on a version number, build 
number, and/or date string that's compiled into the actual library that 
loads, rather than being populated from a configuration file.

-- Allan Pratt, apratt@xxxxxxxxxx
Rational software division of IBM