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Re: [hyades-dev] raserver versioning

Thanks for responding, Samson. I have some followup. See below.

On Thursday, 08/26/2004 at 08:33 AST, Samson Wai <samwai@xxxxxxxxxx> 
> Kim, 
> 1. Currently, the only way to determine the version is to look at the 
> serviceconfig.xml file. I think it is reasonable to have a feature 
opened to 
> add the -version functionality. 

I've filed a feature request about this. Thanks.

> 2. Programmatically, there is a way to query the RAServer/plugins 
> starting from Hyades 3.0.1. [example snipped]

This looks very useful in all sorts of contexts. :-) 

Just to make sure I understood correctly, please confirm: Querying 
o.e.h.datacollection in this way is asking RAServer about its version, not 
asking some part of the agent extension framework, right? That is, it is 
giving back something like the version attr from serviceconfig.xml or 
something built into RAServer, not the internal wire protocol version info 
or info about the extension framework.

>> 1. How does a user of RAServer determine what version it is?
>> 2. How does a client dependent on RAServer determine what version it is 

?> talking to?


Kim Coleman
PurifyPlus Development
IBM Rational Software, Cupertino, CA