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Re: [hyades-dev] Updated Choreography HCE requirements

Comments on this draft:

Since the goal of "universality" is expressed a couple of times in this 
spec, I think we need to be sure to address it. I think the spec needs to 
state that the interface is specified using Java: that int is 32 bits, 
long is 64 bits, and String is Unicode. Without saying that, a person 
could imagine that a C++ implementation using std::string or char* for 
strings was conforming, but it wouldn't be. It doesn't pay to leave these 
kinds of considerations to the end of the process.

Also, in general, I find it hard to read a spec like this without more 
context. Sure, it looks like a fine way to get and set int and string 
variables, but what are the variables actually FOR? Without a use case in 
which there are named variables with intended meanings, this is just a 
getter/setter interface. What desired features motivate the creation of 
this interface? I can't judge the interface without that kind of 
background information.

-- Allan Pratt, apratt@xxxxxxxxxx
Rational software division of IBM

"Antony Miguel" <antony.miguel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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08/18/2004 08:34 AM
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[hyades-dev] Updated Choreography HCE requirements

Attached is an updated version of the Choreography HCE requirements 
It now includes the concept of an XSD type for variables as well as 
standard primitive types.
Antony Miguel
Scapa Technologies
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