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[hyades-dev] Hyades Committer call - 16 August 2004 -MINUTES

Attendees: Antony, Eugene, Harm, Kent, Nellie, Richard, Rob

Hyades 3.0.1
- One more drop planned for this Thurs morning ET (build late-Tues night, smoke-test Weds)
- Primarily to drop translated Hyades files to eclipse.org, to enable non-IBM products to pick-up translated Hyades
- Also will use to deliver approved fixes to blocking/critical defects

Hyades 3.0.2
- No confirmed schedule / delivery vehicle yet
- 3.0.2 is specifically for critical or stop-ship defects found in 3.0 or 3.0.1

Hyades 3.1
- All open defects listed as i1 need to either be marked 'resolved' (if truly in) or re-targeted to i2
- ~200 defects targeted for 3.1 i2 -- all Committers on the call confirmed that they expected these to make this schedule

- Kent - question re: urgency of accessibility defects -- try to include in 3.0.1? Yes, if fixes in-hand for this week's build (see 71790-71792 below)
- Eclipse 3.1 schedule has been published on eclipse.org
- M6 = April 2005
- GA = May/June 2005
- Post-3.0 requirements from Planning Group mtg -- list posted to eclipse.org
- Additional doc & tutorials
- Antony to send list of proposals to Harm
- Support for JUnit derivative projects such as HTTPUnit, Cactus, Abbotâ (spec paper)
- Harm to send email to responsible people in Scapa, SAP, & IBM
- Protocol support in trace model (spec paper)
- Kent has initial schema, and will begin driving this
- Test management enhancements including models and artifact support for requirements and defects (spec paper)
- Joe addressing this
- U2TP/UML2 adoption, including support for a testability interface and generic choreography of test behavior and orchestration. (spec paper)
- Antony to investigate & drive this
- Static code analysis (spec paper)
- Harm to follow-up with SAP & IBM
- Data collection multi-user attach support (spec paper)
- Richard to engage Intel to start this
- Behavior outside the test case (spec paper)
- Antony to start this
- Data collectors for various resource and application monitors
- Antony working this initially; has some data collectors, and will meet w/Richard this week to discuss including in 3.1 i2
- Production ready agents â additional scalability and security (spec paper)
- Richard to follow-up with Compuware
- Plug-in refactoring to improve performance and footprint (spec paper)
- Richard volunteered to investigate reducing # of plugins
- Support for multiple listeners to a single agent (aka multi-user attach) (spec paper)
- Richard addressing this
- Bugzilla feature requests from Autonomic Computing
- On-going
- SVG reporting extensions (spec paper)
- Eugene to talk with Chris K & Kent
- Use Hyades to test Hyades
- Antony has been addressing this; initial framework in place

Defects reviewed
71840 - Richard: approved; simple fix, in-hand, provided to teams that filed the defect to ensure concurrence; need to provide to others to test, as well
71957 - Richard: approved; chg to linkage on AIX needed; fix in-hand; no core test cases in Hyades to test this, so currently rely on products
71977 - Richard: approved; need native cmd handler; low-risk
56404 - Richard: closing this (readme updated)
71881 - Kent: approved; fix in-hand (trivial), tested; Bianca to include tomorrow
70801 - Kent: approved; fix in-hand last Weds; request to pull this into 3.0.1 for this week
71342 - Richard/Eugene: work-around exists in product code; lower sev from 'major' to 'normal'
71720 - Richard: do not believe this is in Hyades code (open for tracking purposes), but investigating; believe this is 'major'; change target from 3.0.2 to 3.0.1, in case this is a Hyades bug
71951 - Eugene: Regression of fix put into 3.1
71563 - Nellie: readme updated last week, ticket reopened; Nellie to investigate w/Paul
71654 - Nellie: will target for 3.1 i2
71879 - Eugene: Bug in 3.1; target for 3.1 i2
71954 - Kent: investigation needed
71959 - Kent: investigation needed
71980 - Antony: probably a bug against pre-3.1 code; investigating, target for 3.1 i2
70469 - Antony: need to look at language pack this week; related to infopop; has been re-targeted to 3.1 i2, but may go into this week's 3.0.1 build if language pack can be available sooner (Richard to provide by EOD)
71790 - Kent: approved; accessibility fix not yet in-hand (Joe to confirm); if fix ready by tomorrow, re-target to 3.0.1
71791 - Kent: approved; re-target to 3.0.1; accessibility fix in-hand
71792 - Kent: approved; accessibility fix not yet in-hand (Joe to confirm); if fix ready by tomorrow, re-target to 3.0.1

* END *