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[hyades-dev] Hyades Base Agent & Collector Interface Specification


Attaching the latest version of the Hyades Base Agent & Collector Interface Specification.
Please send your comments and we can review this document on Aug 12th in the 
Hyades Data Collection Engine Meeting as well.

Apart from this,
I have also looked around to check if any other existing agent specifications are available
and found two organizations that have done good amount of work in this area.
There could be several other such specifications and please mention if you know any.

1. FIPA - Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents - http://www.fipa.org/repository/index.html
(or  http://www.fipa.org/repository/bysubject.html)
2. KQML - Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language - http://www.cs.umbc.edu/kqml/

I really do not know much about any of these. But we could explore the possibility and advantages
of conforming to one of these standards (or at least leverage concepts), to achieve better interoperability 
in terms of agents from different products and platforms. 

Please check the above sites and provide your opinion.

Vishnu Naikawadi
Intel Corporation

 <<Hyades Base Agent Framework 0.4.doc>> 

Attachment: Hyades Base Agent Framework 0.4.doc
Description: Hyades Base Agent Framework 0.4.doc