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[hyades-dev] lead commiters take note

We had to do an emergency TVT only drop yesterday to IES due to some new blocking defects that came in that had low cost implementation. AS of today there is only one critical defect on the horizon that may cause a need to do a build and drop of 3.0.1, and that is related to softening our current dependancies on PDE.
In order to give proper time to determine the need for another drop I want to move the commiter call to same time Tues (10:30-11:30 EST) same number.

There are currently 19 untargeted or 3.0.1 targeted defects! 5 are the JVM bugs we are tracking.
71388 and the PDE problem are the only candidates for a redrop at this time. the others need to be targeted properly.

Our new focus being on 3.0.2 and 3.1 is now the target problem area!
There are 211 (assuming the above are targeted for this range,  4 are 3.0.2.
More than 50% are 3.1 i1 which is almost closed.

Clearly there is some clean up needed and we will have lots to discuss on Tuesday ;-)

Thanks for your time.
Harm Sluiman, STSM,  
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