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[hyades-dev] hyades test structure

The Hyades test structure is now in CVS and is partially working.  JUnit testsuites for the example plugins 'org.eclipse.hyades.perfmon' and 'org.eclipse.hyades.statistical.ui' run ok and produce successful test results.  At the moment, Manual testsuites don't show up in the launch configuration.  If anyone has any suggestions about how to fix Manual testsuites and run them then I'd be interested to hear them.
At the moment, the projects under the 'org.eclipse.hyades.tests' CVS module are all plain Java projects and they therefore require you to have 'org.eclipse.hyades.test.common' in your workspace.  If anyone has any strong feelings about this we could move to having plugin xmls in the test projects to make use of the required plugins feature.
People could feasibly start adding their existing .tests plugins into the structure now but please read the README.txt in the org.eclipse.hyades.tests project.
As a reminder, the general structure is:
(CVS module) org.eclipse.hyades.tests
    (project/plugin?) org.eclipse.hyades.tests
    (project/plugin?) org.eclipse.hyades.perfmon.tests
    (project/plugin?) org.eclipse.hyades.statistical.ui.tests
    ...other plugin test projects...
so don't check out the CVS module 'org.eclipse.hyades.tests' as a project - check out the projects under it.
The README contains more information about the structure of the test projects.
Antony Miguel
Scapa Technologies
+44 131 550 1766