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[hyades-dev] Hyades Committer call - 3 August 2004 -MINUTES

Attendees: Antony, Eugene, Harm, Joe, Kent, Nellie, Richard, Rob

Hyades 3.0.1
- Last build was Friday; will drop that build to IES today (first time since July 21)
- No more builds in plan, for now, but we will leave it open for critical defects
- Rob to talk to Nik to add the JVM bugs to his 'critical' list for RAD

Hyades 3.0.2 / 3.1
- Committer call to shift focus next week to 3.0.2 & 3.1
- Several fixes already checked into 3.1 (HEAD); Harm recommends we put those into a 3.0.2 stream; we will discuss complicating factors next week
- Rob to find out when IES (fixpack) release is to be targeted; this would drive the timing of Hyades 3.0.2

Defects reviewed
71247 - Antony: TVT bug; String not translated; re-opened; per Harm, do not add it to 3.0.1 yet
71118 - Eugene: fix in as of Fri AM
71132 - Eugene: fix in as of Fri AM
71248 - Eugene: approved; fix in-hand; will include in Hyades re-spin if that will occur
71022 - Eugene: investigating; possibly chg to 'maj' or defer; will update Harm today
70845 - Eugene: sev chgd to 'nor'; targeted for 3.1
????? - Eugene: PDE bug - Eugene to update us all on status; could force another re-spin of Hyades
67079 - Joe: closed as dup of 39863 (SWT bug); added to IES list of critical candidates; if SWT doesn't fix, will affect RFT, but not Hyades
70801 - Joe: no fix yet; still working it, but will not be fixed today; Joe to speak w/RFT today re: whether they want to escalate this, then update Harm
70345 - Nellie: needs to close as dup (already fixed)
71029 - Nellie: targeted for 3.1
71164 - Nellie: targeted for 3.1
67850 - Richard: fix checked-in last week
65193 - Richard: JVM; fixed, but will verify w/Rob D tomorrow (crash is the only aspect this defect addresses, so close this?); Rob: Picked-up by RAD; Per Rob D - crash no longer seems to occur, but the monitor dumps still don't seem to be correct
67844 - Richard: fixed; supposed to have gone in last Thurs; Richard to verify
70920 - Richard: investigating w/Nellie; question of translating samples; update Harm today
71196 - Richard: new; update Harm asap
71091 - Richard: new; update Harm today; might not be an Arabic 720 issue
62409 - Richard: no code chg expected; re-target beyond 3.0.1
71075 - Richard: received prop file last Thurs, need to check-in for translation; investigate
71105 - Richard: sev chgd to 'min'; target= 'future'
69051 - Richard: JVM; will provide Dattatreya (JVM India) the Business Impact; need in Sun 1.4.2_05 vs 1.4.2_06 ?
56404 - Richard: JVM; bugs fixed in JVMs; Harm: update readme's w/this info; Richard to work w/Nellie; Hyades confirms ok; Rob: HP: available; picked-up by RAD? Sun: available in Sept
67397 - Rob: JVM; No fix yet
56182 - Rob: JVM; Picked-up by RAD; we must verify working; Richard to notify Harm by EOD
63969 - Rob: JVM; Picked-up; not working (per Tanuj); Nik to re-open bug (7/29)

* END *