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[hyades-dev] Planning Group & PMC Group Notes for July 6th, 2004

1) Apologies etc.
Mike Norman, Scapa
Serge Lucio, IBM
Jorg Bischof, SAP (substituting for Gian Franco Bonini)
Don Ebright, Compuware
George Din, FOKUS
Tyler Thessin, Intel

Melanie Woods, Scapa

Rob Sinclair, IBM
Harm Sluiman, IBM

2) Minutes and matters arising
3.0.0 driver was released during the course of last week. This is a 
major achievement from all involved. 

3) PMC and Eclipse interaction
Tyler submitted the charter documents package to Mike Milinkovich on 
June 30th. The information from these documents is due to be made 
available on the website, but this has not yet happened. It was felt 
that the majority of the documents were in a reasonably good state, 
although the "non-mandatory" documents such as the development plan 
required additional work. Mike 
has made some amendments to the project descriptions to reflect recent 
changes in the overall structure of the project.
ACTION: Mike to send updated development plan document to Tyler

Further discussion regarding the resource required to lead a project was 
held. A project lead would be required to commit to travelling around 4 
times per year (quarterly, F2F meeting, events such as EclipseCon, 
LinuxWorld etc.). In addition, it was expected that the lead would 
contribute 1-2 days of their time to the management of the project. In 
the main, the project leads also have some responsibility for products 
within their organisations.
Don is due to speak with Mike Milinkovich later today and will de-brief 
this management group of any decisions taken regarding leading the 
monitoring project following that call.
ACTION: Don to de-brief management team later today by email.

4) Operation of the current plan
Following the release of the 3.0 driver, the teams are now focused on 
3.0.1 bug fix release, with some initial work on the 3.1 release. 
Discussion whether it is the right time to shift to the new development 
structure as outlined in the charter documents. It was felt that the old 
structure should be persisted for the next couple of weeks.
ACTION: Mike to email hyades-dev to let the teams know of the current 
position and that this will be reviewed over the next few weeks.

5) Technical forward plan
Nothing to report

6) Internal and external communication
PMC announcement. A draft press release has now been circulated and 
approved by the majority of the management group, with the exception of 
Don, who will advise within the next 24 hours should this position have 
changed following conference call with Mike Milinkovich. We already have 
Intel's approval via Ling Yao. Serge, Jorg and George all provided 
confirmation of their respective organisations' approval. 
Once the media release is in a stable state, the Eclipse PR agency will 
begin to try to engage with analysts and the media although the release 
will not be distributed to any editor or journalist that is not willing 
to abide by the embargo on this news. It is expected that the agency 
(Patterson & Associates) will be able to begin engaging with media and 
analysts by the end of this week, or the beginning of next week at the 
latest. The media release will be discussed at the Eclipse PR team call 
tomorrow (Wednesday) and any comments will be forwarded to the 
management group.
ACTION: Melanie to feedback comments from PR team call.

A Q&A document is also required to provide additional information to 
analysts and media. Mike, Ling Yao (Intel) and Melanie will work on the 
first draft of this document and bring to the management group for 
comments and suggestions. It is hoped that the first draft of this 
document will be ready by the end of this week, so that the PR agency 
can have a stable version by the beginning of next week. This Q&A 
document might also be posted alongside the proposal documents.
ACTION: Mike, Ling and Melanie to work on drafting a Q&A document.

A number of individuals from the group will be at LinuxWorld. Tyler 
intends to be there and to give a presentation on the Test and 
Performance Tools Platform Project. IBM will also be there, and either 
Serge or Harm will try to attend. Mike is also committed to attending.
ACTION: Tyler to advise on status of his LinuxWorld presentation 

Next Planning Group meeting: Tuesday, 13th July 2004, - 6pm CET / 5pm 
GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST