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Re: [hyades-dev] Approval required for M10 icons check-in

Thanks, as discussed this is approved to go in based on a coordinated regression test of our M10 candidate on July 7. This is the optimal way to get all the testing covered in one pass. This should be synchronized with the few other test passes that will also be part of that build.

Thanks for your time.
Harm Sluiman, STSM,  
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Eugene Chan/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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06/03/2004 12:06 PM

Please respond to

[hyades-dev] Approval required for M10 icons check-in

Hi Harm,

The following Bugzilla defect require approval to be checked in M10.

The defects are all related to the icons refresh submitted by Media Design. The changes are expected to be smoke tested and checked in by component owners by Friday June 4th, and then regression test by component owners on Monday June 7th Hyades build.

       Component Owner : Dominique Guilbaud

65511        (refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.test.ui, org.eclipse.hyades.test.java
65525        (refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.uml2sd.trace

65526        (refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.uml2sd.ui

64335        (new icon) org.eclipse.hyades.test.ui

       Component Owner : Antony Miquel

65059        (refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.statistical.ui

65522        (new icon) org.eclipse.hyades.statistical.ui

       Component Owner : Kent Siefkes

65544        (refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.test.http

       Component Owner : Joe Toomey

65546        (refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.test.common, org.eclipse.hyades.test.manual, org.eclipse.hyades.execution*

       Component Owner : Eugene Chan
65110        (new & refresh) org.eclipse.hyades.log*, org.eclipse.hyades.sdb*, org.eclipse.hyades.security, org.eclipse.hyades.trace*, org.eclipse.hyades.ui*


Eugene Chan
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