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[hyades-dev] PMC transition and Post-3.0 plan

Hyades is, as many are aware, transitioning from a SubProject led by me 
within the Tools PMC led by John Duimovich to a fully-fledged PMC led by 
Tyler Thessin of Intel with its own subprojects.  More detail will be 
circulated over the next few weeks.  In the meanwhile the existing 
Hyades SubProject planning team/committers/groups continue to function. 

At the recent face to face planning meeting, a range of feature points 
were identified for a sequence of releases after 3.0, namely

Hyades 3.01 ?bug-fix release, September 2004
Hyades 3.1 ? coverage expansion release, September 2004 ? tested 
alongside 3.01
Hyades 3.2 ? December 2004, non-breaking, non-translated feature release
Hyades 3.3 ? March 2005, non-breaking, non-translated feature release
Hyades 4.0 ? June 2005 (subject to alignment with Eclipse release 
cycle), potentially-breaking translated feature release

The URL below is a working docuemnt sumamrizing the features and how 
they line up with releases.  Additional detail will be added in due 
course.  I will signal major changes to hyades-dev as they occur.


Discussion on the proposed plan is welcomed either on the newsgroups or 
within the conference call groups.  Please ensure discussion within 
groups is adequately minuted to hyades-dev to avoid fragmentation of the 


Mike Norman