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[hyades-dev] Planning Group & PMC Group Notes for May 24th 2004

1) Apologies etc.
	Mike Norman, Scapa
	Gian Franco Bonini, SAP
	Harm Sluiman, IBM
	George Din, FOKUS
	Tyler Thessin, Intel

	Rob Sinclair, IBM

	Melanie Woods, Scapa

2) Minutes and matters arising
Minutes to meeting of May 10 were not circulated, will be circulated at 
next meeting

3) PMC and Eclipse interaction
Followup from Face to Face.
NEW ACTION - Mike circulate minutes with placeholders for documents 
being prepared separately (planning group)
NEW ACTION - Harm circulate prioritized feature lists for V 3+ releases 
prepared at meeting (hyades-dev)
NEW ACTION - Mike to brief hyades-dev on continuity of Hyades Subproject 
V 3+ planning
NEW ACTION - Harm circulate "component matrix" (planning group)
NEW ACTION - unassigned - partition feature list amongst component 
NEW ACTION - Tyler circulate redrafted PMC charter (planning group)
NEW ACTION - Tyler circulate draft briefing presentation (planning 
NEW ACTION - Mike/Tyler brief/consult Skip ASAP
NEW ACTION - Mike/Tyler brief/consult Mike Milinkovich ASAP after/with 

4) Operation of the current plan
ACTION - Rob to begin publishing his bug reports on the website.
Defect arrival rates falling.
Late-lifecycle process inintiated requiring comitter vote on hyades-dev 
for bug fix insertion into GA stream.  2-3 weeks to shutdown. Real ship 
at end June.

5) Technical forward plan
ACTION - Mike to contact Dave Thomson regarding Eclipse post 3.0 plans.
3.01 - no new features bug-fix only
3.1 & later see earlier discussion.

6) Internal and external communication
Discussion of proposed use of "development" word in top-level eclipse 
3.0 positioning.  Consensus that it is sub-optimal and that we should 
try and do something about it.
NEW ACTION - Mike/Tyler to raise the issue with Mike Taylor and Mark 
Johnson (Eclipse Marketing and PR leads).

7) AOB

Next Planning Group meeting: Tues, 01 June 2004 - 6pm CET / 5pm GMT / 
12pm EST / 9am PST