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[hyades-dev] Defects for committer vote for M10

The latest volley.

Bugzilla Defect 64341:  (
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=64341)  SingleOSFileSensor
does not handle an empty converter string properly

Rational: The SingleOSFileSensor$BufferedPeriodicReader.prepare() method
does not check for an empty converter string and tries to execute it but
the Runtime.getRuntime().exec(converter) call throws an IllegalArgument:
Empty command exception.  This causes the GLA to log  a critical error
message but processing continues and the log file is parsed correctly.  We
would like to not try and run the converter at all if we get an empty
converter command.

Test Plan:  this has been unit tested and will be regression tested May

Risk: Very  Low.  Need to also check that  converter.length() > 0  before
running the command.

Bugzilla Defect 63024:  (
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=63024)   associatedEvents
attribute of CBE causes problems in the GLA

Rational:  The GLA CBEFormatter class was not recognizing the
associatedEvents.resolvedEvents attribute because of a typo in the
 constant.  When this constant is not recognized the CBE is not filled

Test Plan:  already unit tested.  Will full regression on May 28th.

Risk: Very Low - Constant effects only AssociatedEvent processing

Richard K. Duggan
Problem Determination Enablement
IBM Toronto Laboratory
External: 905-413-2396
Internal: 969-2396