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Re: [hyades-dev] Commiter vote required for M10 check-in

I vote yes for these defects.
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Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 12:32 AM
Subject: [hyades-dev] Commiter vote required for M10 check-in

The following M10 defects require Committer's approval: (I vote YES)

Target drop date to cvs:        May 26 afternoon EST
Target regression test date:May 26 afternoon EST
Target candidate drop:        May 27 (pass 2)

Defect 62033:
bugzilla_62033 -- Move navigator extension sample to trace.sample plugin


Currently, the hyades navigator extension sample is located in the org.eclipse.hyades.ui.sample plugin. This is the wrong place, because this sample is packaged with the Test zip, not the Examples zip. The sample should be moved to trace.sample, since it is extending the profiling monitor. The reason it is packaged in the Test zip is because the SVG generator is incorrectly located in this sample plugin, but is required by hyades. SVG generator to be moved after 3.0.

Risk Assessment:

No API change. The fix is to move the sample from the ui.sample plugin to the trace.sample plugin.
Medium risk change.

Defect 63850 :
bugzilla_63850 -- hyades.ui plugin startup routine: refactoring needed


In HyadesUIPlugin.startup() we had a call to Display.getDefault().syncExec(). The platform discourages the use of thread synchronization in the startup() method as it is prone to deadlocks. This was in fact the case for the Test team when they were loading this plugin from a worker thread. Normally, the plugin is loaded from the UI thread.

Risk Assessment:

No API change. The fix is to first check whether we are in the UI thread already (the common case). If not, defer the execution via asyncExec().
Low risk change (will not affect the common case). Has been tested by Test team.

Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Laboratory
Voice:   1-905-413-6102
Email:  ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx