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Re: [hyades-dev] SWT test automation update

I maintain the JUnit integration example in Hyades (plugin org.eclipse.hyades.test.java).
Do not hesitate to ping me if you want some help in your integration in Hyades.


Thomas L Roche <tlroche@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: hyades-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

05/04/2004 09:53 PM

Please respond to

[hyades-dev] SWT test automation update

summary: abbot.swt and costello.swt are OSS plugins developing @


and we prepare to start on abbot.hyades (assistance appreciated).


I recently got a ping from a Scapa-ist, which reminded me that it's
been awhile since I touched base with Hyades. So:

* Abbot


 has been OSS for > 2 yrs, but its SWT extensions only went OSS in
 late Feb 04. (Abbot the project began by supporting only AWT/Swing:
 that code continues in CVS in module=abbot.) SWT support has been
 released as an {Eclipse plugin, module} to Abbot's CVS, abbot.swt.
 abbot.swt supports "whitebox" testing, e.g. the coder/tester writes
 JUnit testcases exercising their own code. It's not complete yet
 (one notable open problem is


 which makes menu automation unduly difficult, and which we and some
 performance folks intend to try to patch ASAP), but folks in RTP are
 doing real UI testing with it. (Despite abbot.swt's shortage of
 documentation, another shortfall we hope to rectify over the summer.
 Fortunately Abbot itself is fairly well documented.)

* Both abbot and abbot.swt build to binary Eclipse plugins: see


 These work, however there are still a few annoyances which I want to
 fix before I formally announce abbot.swt.

* I hope to start work on abbot.hyades soon. My major objectives are
 to make it

· create an Abbot test type usable by Hyades views

· log an Error verdict in case of an Abbot-specific exception

 However I also received a ping about interfacing Costello scripts
 (more below) with the Hyades behavioral model; I'm open to working
 on that as well, preferably with the assistance of others. (The
 abbot.swt effort is currently pursued as a sideline by a group of UI
 coders who need/want the ability to automate their testing from

* Abbot also includes a tool called Costello which provides the
 ability to record/play/edit test scripts (which are XML). Costello
 currently only supports AWT/Swing. The SWT group factored out
 Costello-related code into module=costello.swt, but it is

· not complete

· lower on our priority list than completing whitebox support for SWT,
 extending support to GEF and JFace (i.e. providing high-level API so
 that the user does not need to hunt down the underlying SWT
 widgets), and providing a Hyades plugin

* The Apache Maven project has developed an Abbot plugin


 which they use for testing Java Web Start apps.

I welcome the assistance of anyone who wishes to help Abbot develop;
please post to abbot-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if interested.

FWIW, Tom Roche, IBM Rational Web Developer Model2 Tooling, abbot admin

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