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Re: [hyades-dev] U2TP Compliance of 3.0 driver


I checked with Ina for the updates in the last version of the U2TP document.

The changes mainly refer to the Standalone model (which is very relavant for
Hyades), to the data pools, partitions and selectors, schedulers and logs. There was
defined also an XML Schema. In addition, some names were changed.

I attached three documents: the U2TP with and without changebars, and the FTF
Report where all change issues are discussed. The document will be further
revised until the UML2.0 is adopted, as Serge explained in the previous mail.

In our opinion, we think Hyades should try to comply with the U2TP. However, I will
try to build a list with the differences between the U2TP and the current Hyades
driver (maybe we will use it sometime).

Best regards,

Serge Lucio wrote:

First, the U2TP should be finally adopted next week at the OMG meeting in St. Louis, MO. At that point the UML 2.0 Testing Profile will be an OMG standard. A Revision Task Force will be created at the same time to overlook the maintenance of the standard until at least the UML 2.0 is adopted as a standard later this year.

With respect to Hyades, I think we should do our best to re-align the terminology to the UML 2.0 Testing Profile, at least on the user interface. In addition to that, I've raised a couple of times the mapping issues we have with our manual and HTTP samples: They are somewhat misleading for someone trying to understand how the U2TP should be used to "model" tests. I guess we should do our best effort to re-align, but I've yet to find people ready to invest time and energy in doing so.

Thanks, Serge.

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04/19/2004 02:15 PM
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Overall I think the position is as you state, but the non-final aspect relates mainly to the behavioural piece, not things like test case/suite/context which are I think more stable, and there are many fewer people affected if we change now than if we make breaking changes post 3.0 when we have more widespread adoption.

Can we have a view from Serge?

Harm Sluiman wrote:

I believe that Hyades declared it would assess becoming U2TP compliant once 2 constraints where met. At one time we thought that would be in this time frame.

1. UML2 and the U2TP proposals were actually ratified and fully approved at OMG. My understanding is that this is close but not yet the case.

2. We have access to the UML2 eclipse project in order to exploit it as needed. My understanding is that this project is now underway, but it is not far enough along for us to make 3.0 commitments of dependancy.

These two fact lead me to conclude we are not intending to be UML2 or U2TP compliant in this release. Making incremental adjustments along the way that are not API breaking may be feasible on a case by case basis, but other than that, the cost of migration utilities and support for backward compatibility is not something we wanted to commit to.

Thanks for your time.
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04/19/2004 01:11 PM
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	[hyades-dev] U2TP Compliance of 3.0 driver

One of the things that came up at the management call was the U2TP compliance or otherwise of the M9 driver. I believe that we stated Hyades would be U2TP compliant. This means if we are not we should raise bugs. I am not personally competent to check for compliance, and unfortunately Serge who is the interface point with the U2TP wasn't on the call. I have asked George Din to check with Ina Schieferdecker at FOKUS, however I would like to raise the following issues which seem to be floating aound and see if we can close them over email.

1) We seem to use Test Suite instead of the now-current Test Context
2) The Manual Test and the HTTP Test seem to use Test Suite and Test
Case where they should be using Test Case and Test Component
3) There seems to be some concept of a Test Motivator floating around
that we don't understand.

Feedback on this ASAP would be good.

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