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Re: [hyades-dev] Proposal for embedded annotations in Test Model

It would not hurt to add a "mime-type" to the model to type the additional resource. The default behaviour of a viewer/editor should be to let the workbench resolve the viewer/editor action allowed, and that has historically been done by file extension. Adding a mime-type would just provide some additional hints to the model viewer/editor.

I had suggested to Joe to use the term annotation because this is intended to annotate a description or history with external resources. However this should not be confused with a generalized way if annotating or extending the model, where it is clear from the many threads of discussion on that topic that any name/value pair extension would need a type property as well to allow for open interpretation of the extension.

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Re: [hyades-dev] Proposal for embedded annotations in Test Model

My reading of this is that according to the current proposal if an alternative viewer/editor opens up the model, all it sees is a URI, it can't know wether or not it can deal with the annotations that are there. At te moment I assume that the editor will branch off the test type, but can we at this stage simply put some type information. in the model relating to the annotation so that we stand a chance of dealing with them in a more flexible way in later versions?

Joseph P Toomey wrote:

Attached is a short proposal for adding embedded annotations to the Test Model.  This is a feature request that we have received from several consumers, and would like to implement for Hyades 3.0.  In order to do this, we need to close on this design very quickly.  I ask everyone from the Test Model team to please review this proposal (it is less than a page in length), and respond with any concerns about the proposal.  I have discussed the details of the proposal with Harm, and he is in agreement with this approach for adding annotations to model elements, and with the desire to provide a test model annotation solution in the 3.0 timeframe.

As you know, we are all driving hard to meet our 3.0 deadlines.  In order to get this feature integrated in time, we need to close on the design before this week's test model meeting.  Please use the mailing list to discuss any concerns.  In the absence of feedback, I will assume that the test model team is in agreement with this proposal.

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