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[hyades-dev] Planning Group Notes for March 29th 2004

1) Apologies etc.
	Attending were
	Mike Norman, Scapa
	Harm Sluiman, IBM
	Tyler Thessin, Intel 
	Joerg Bischof, SAP
	Serge Lucio, IBM

	Observing were
	Rob Sinclair, IBM
	Melanie Woods, Scapa
	George Din, FOKUS

	Apologies etc.
	Gian Franco Bonini, SAP

2) Minutes and matters arising
Last week's meeting minutes approved.
ACTION - Melanie to send these to hyades-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

3) PMC and Eclipse interaction
Nothing to report. Expect progress for next meeting and towards the next 

Eclipse Board meeting (c. April 16)
ACTION - Tyler to report on progress next week.

4) Operation of the current plan
Andy's document on the RAC & Agent API features has been circulated on 
Slight disconnect in the M8 driver build process. Process for 
contribution has been redefined, and the "How To" guide to contributing 
to Hyades will be updated.
ACTION - Mike to ask Antony to send George details of choreography call
ACTION - Mike to ask Antony to respond to Andy's document
ACTION - Harm to encourage Richard to respond to Andy's document
ACTION - Harm & Rob to make project plan graphic available on hyades-dev
ACTION - Rob to run part of the committers call, at least temporarily, 
to ensure clarity within the process

5) Technical forward plan
M8 and sandbox branches have been created, although nothing has as yet 
been submitted to the sandbox branch.
The terminology currently used in Hyades follows the Eclipse milestone 
terminology. This may change depending on Eclipse plans post 3.0.
ACTION - Mike to email Dave Thomson regarding Eclipse post 3.0 plans

6) Internal and external communication
Face to face meeting now planned for May 18 - 20, 2004. Mike emailed 
contact details of Scapa's office manager, Elaine Verth, to group for 
assistance with travel and accommodation.
Serge will distribute two documents this week. The first will resume the 

main reasons for vendors to get involved, and the second will be a "How 
to adopt Hyades" guide. No planned analyst or PR activities as yet.
ACTION - ALL to send provisional number of F2F meeting attendees from 
teams to Mike
ACTION - Mike to draft an agenda for F2F meeting and distribute to 
planning group for comments
ACTION - Melanie to feedback on any current Eclipse PR activities

7) AOB
Nothing to report

Next meeting: Monday, 5th April 2004 - 6pm CET / 5pm GMT / 12pm EST / 
9am PST