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[hyades-dev] Use of hyades-dev

An important conclusion from the Monday calls this week was to try and 
encourage the various groups to make more use of hyades-dev for 
distribution of working documents, meeting notes etc. 

Obviously over the last few months the contributors to the various group 
efforts have tended to stabilize and consolidate and it has proved 
easier for the individuals to call each other or send emails to small 
groups.  The Test Model group and the Execution Group have been working 
with quite a wide distribution (not always the whole of hyades-dev) but 
other activity has been very localised.  Over the coming months we 
expect Intel to become very much more engaged in the project and FOKUS 
to re-engage as well, and it is clear that post-EclipseCon there are a 
very much wider group of individuals and companies taking an interest in 
what we are doing.  

For those of you who are watching hyades-dev, if you simply want to use 
the framework, perhaps to build agents you may be best served by working 
through the Hyades newsgroups. But if you want to get involved in one of 
the groups (which do detailed specification and coordinate 
implementation work of the framework itself), these groups tend to meet 
by telephone.  The telephone numbers are not generally distributed on 
hyades-dev but are available from the group leads who you should contact 
in the first instance.  Their email addresses are as follows.

Model Group 			Harm Sluiman sluiman@xxxxxxxxxx
	Test Model Subgroup 	Joe Toomey jptoomey@xxxxxxxxxx
Execution Group 			Kent Siefkes kdsiefke@xxxxxxxxxx
Data Collection Group		Richard Duggan rduggan@xxxxxxxxxx
User Interface Group		Valentina Popescu popescu@xxxxxxxxxx
Choreography Group		Antony Miguel antony.miguel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Queries about this could usefully be posted to hyades-dev since they 
will most-likely be of general interest.