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[hyades-dev] V3 planning

Please note Hyades V3 is the release formerly known as V2, we are 
getting aligned with Eclipse V3

I guess low availability at the planning meetings has frozen things 
slightly but I had an action to put together a discussion framework 
within which pieces of Serge's document would act as proposals.  I have 
done this in the 2 page docuement attached (Hyadespoints.doc)  I have 
also attached Serge's previous document, and a 5 page document 
containing some proposals from Scapa (Scapa Hyades 3.doc), and a 
previously-circulated presentation from FOKUS.  I believe there are also 
some documents floating around inside SAP?

I hope conversations will continue on this on the mailing list, at 
EclipseCon, and at planning meetings thereafter.

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