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Re: [hyades-dev] Hyades release plans?

Here are some short answers ;-)

Although we had hoped to not have to do a 1.3 based on eclipse 2.1.x we have user requirements to continue with our original 1.3 plan Which has a driver complete for the end of march based on the 2.x code stream of the workbench.

We have started this week to get a driver building on the 3.x workbench stream and  hope to publish that in the near future.

Originally we were going to call our next release stream 2.0 but we have had several request to simply sync up with eclipse and jump to 3.x so we are going to do that.

1.2.1 is in fact being delivered within the week and 1.2.2 will come a few weeks later. However these fix levels are only addition of translated files. Leaving us back to focusing on 1.3 and 3.0.

As for the plans, we have the 1.3 requirements published, and the various workgroups are starting up again after the holiday season to assess the 1.3 and 3.0 work items. Our driver dates are required to match up with the base milestone plan. (March May and June milestones with the June GA)

The team meeting we had in Dec. was captured, and you are correct we have not got our minutes published, but the above points are the key items that have resulted.

I know this is not all the answers you want, but this is where we are.

Thanks for your time.
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