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[hyades-dev] hyades profiling

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My name is Erik Putrycz, I am a research associate at NRC working with the Software engineering group and one of my current research interests is profiling. 
My objective (in short) is to find ways to gather comprehensive information about performance and also suggestions to improve the code.
And currently Eclipse and Hyades are the platforms I am working on.
Hyades is by far the most powerful profiler I found and there are lot of great ideas there.
I developped my own plugin on top of hyades for analyzing profiling informations to extract some concern specific informations from an execution (eg. database accesses).
I am currently experimenting it on one of our own applications with is a heavy J2EE based web application for conference management (currently running on Jboss).
I have been digging quite much into the java and c/c++ code and did some small improvements + allowed the native part (from the CVS repository) to build with the latest icu and xerces libs.
But that far, I am still experiencing some issues with the profiler:
- in standalone mode, filters doesn't seem to be taken into account (but they show up correctly on the top of the xml file) (and the 600mb files are refusing to be imported);
- in controlled mode, many calls are missing from the gathered data (I wonder if all necessary classDefs statements are sent).
So I was wondering if anyone would have some ideas or solutions about these issues ?
Have you had success in running the profiler for large applications ?
Best Regards,
Erik Putrycz, Ph.D - Research Associate / erik.putrycz@xxxxxx / (613) 990 0681
Institute for Information Technology - Software Engineering Group
National Research Council, Canada - Building M-50, 1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1A 0R6