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[hyades-dev] Meeting minutes for August 26th Hyades Execution Team Meeting

I have attached the meeting notes for today's execution team meeting.


Execution Team Group Weekly Meeting, 11AM Eastern, Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Kent Siefkes, IBM Rational Raleigh
Joe Toomey, IBM Rational Lexington
Ashish Mathur, IBM Rational Raleigh
Dwayne Dreakford, IBM Rational Raleigh
Antony Miguel, Scapatech
Kim Coleman, IBM Rational Cupertino
Stephane Leroy, IBM Rational Toulouse

Proposed Agenda
1. Review status of Execution-related contributions for 1.1 release
2. Discuss changes to execution to support HTTP enhancements
3. Review old action items
4. Others

Recorded Discussion/Decisons
1. Review status of Execution-related contributions for 1.1 release
	?	Joe - T8 (P1 1.1) Standalone execution capabilities which require no workbench interaction and produce appropriate event logs.

			* plan to drop code by end of day 8/27

	*	Ashish - HTTP extensions to JUnit runner for multiple instances

			* plan to drop code by end of day 8/28

	?	*unstaffed* - T7 (P1 1.1) Cross language linkage to the execution environment which implies any code generation would be to these native
			* deferred post 1.1

	?	*unstaffed* - T4 (P2 1.1) Support a more interactive control model that allows execution to not only be started,
			but also paused, restarted, stopped and cancelled. This will include events to reflect these execution state changes.

			* deferred post 1.1
2. Discuss changes to execution to support HTTP enhancements (Ashish)

	* No further discussion needed.  Changes discussed in Test Model meeting last Thursday to enable execution history events for multiple instances
	  in hierarchial fashion are on track to be implemented in 1.1.

3. Review old action items
	* Joe - update test harness java doc
		* to be done with submission 8/27

	* Ashish - update loader java doc
		* try to be done with submission this week, lower priority than http code

	* Richard - update execution components java doc 
		* (not present - from last time: accurate as of 1.0.1 release, but Richard would like to improve some sections)

	* Kent to cross-check Harm's requirement document vs. submissions we made from Execution group
		* Missing: adding concepts of semaphores and shared variables to execution apis for more complex control.  Antony submitted this, and he
		  and the group are OK with that being considered for 1.2
		* Some of the execution use cases don't appear to be directly included, but the important aspects are covered.  No correction needed.

	* Kent to get with Harm on staffing for T7 and impetus for 1.1 vs. 1.2 ?
		* No one working on it for 1.1, so it will be deferred to 1.2.  Impetus for 1.1 was desire to get support for code generation for
		  non-Java languages,and the fact that the RAC's C bindings are now included in 1.1.

	* Dwayne (http solution coordinator) to sync up with Valentina (UI group) and Richard (data communication and control group) to get on their agenda
  	  to discuss changes expected to be committed next week 

		Done. There was no data communication and control group meeting last week, but Dwayne discussed with Richard, so he is aware of what
		will be contributed.  David Hodges and Ernest Jessee are attending the UI group meeting this week to discuss http-related UI contributions.

4. Others?
	* None

New Action Items
* None=