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[hyades-dev] Call for participation -- common base event and symptom DB models

One of the sub models in Hyades contains what we refer to as a symptom database. The simple use case is that a process known as an Analysis Engine is given one or more common base events, or strings, and goes through the sdb to find a match. If a match is found it is associated with one or more solutions which in turn may reference one or more actions. The actions can be simple messages for a user, or  a "directive" which can be used for more automated purposes such as collecting more information etc.. The Analysis Engine returns zero or more actions/directives when it finishes crawling the sdb.

The xml fragments that are used to load the cbe model are already open for contribution, and now I would like to ask for candidates to participate in the cbe model as well as the sdb model. The cbe model will largely be driven by the fragments, but the sdb is relatively open. The work will involved defining the EMF based model as well as an XML import/export format. The current work is based on private work that had been done by IBM and other companies, and we would like to broaden the workgroup in order to ensure the best design and adoption.

Please post a message to this mailing list if you are interested. The work is expected to go for 2-4 months including implementation and will be a serious time commitment.

Thanks for your time.
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