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Re: [hyades-dev] Re: [Hyades-team] Test and trace model alignment - clarification needed

This is great that we are now starting to think at this level of interop.

We do have a model workgroup on the sidelines at the moment for this topic. You all may recall that the "behavior" model team decided to wait until the test and trace models had reached a level of settling and would then look at possible common model constructs.

In the meantime it was decided that a trace model could likely be used to "record" some test behavior and if that was the case a transform could be done to create a definition. This is not optimal for some scenarios but is simply a recognition of the potential linkage. The other reason we need to be careful here was also previously discussed. That is that this is in effect a behavioral model, and we need to consider carefully the relationship to UML meta models.

I would like to suggest that since the people that will need to be involved in this are already busy with several other sub groups we continue to sit on this for a while before trying to solve the opportunity. In the meantime getting all the structural features in place for each of the test and trace models is still key to complete.

A note regarding how much data goes into the trace model. We actually have already done 2 independent collectors for the trace model. One which is JVMPI based, and available on Hyades, and being used to create more typical detailed performance profiling models, and another which is not yet available is for doing distributed interface tracing, which is very much like the test recording style of data collection. However we have still to get data values and parameters in the model to be complete for meaningful "recording".

Thanks for your time.
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