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Re: [hyades-dev] CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: Data Collection Events.

I would like to contribute to the Test Execution events workgroup.  I have defined an event structure for the IBM's Component Test Tool that we can use as a starting point in this work.

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04/16/2003 12:51 PM
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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION:  Data Collection Events.

Once of the goals of Hyades is to provide a common event structure for
expressing the data that has been collected from the various data
collectors.  We would like to solicit membership for each of the  
subgroups listed below.  These subgroups would structurally report to
the Data Collection group.  The initial scope is intentionally brief and
will be made more definite by the individual subgroup membership.  If
you are interested in contributing to one or more of the following
subgroups please respond to the mailing list with your contact
information and interests.  Group leaders will initially be selected

from the hyades-team membership.  Members of the hyades-team can discuss

leadership on the hyades-team list.  

**Trace/profiling events  
The Java Profiler that has already been dropped to Hyades generates a
well defined set of events that represent the memory and execution
behaviour of the Java application that is being profiled.  The role of
this subgroup would be to start with this specification and look at
broadening its scope to encapsulate other languages and execution
environments.  Data collected from  these environments and data
collectors can be communicated in a common format.  The existing event
format can be found at

**Logging events
One of the goals of the logging infrastructure in Hyades is to define a
extensible common logging event that can be used to capture log events
and correlate events across multiple environments and products.  This
subgroup would be expected to start with the Common Base Event logging
structure that has already been dropped to Hyades.  The specification
for the Common Base Event is available at

**Statistical events.
The statistical events are those events that are generated by
statistical data collectors.  Statistical data would be targeted for the
statistical portion of the model.  There is no existing specification
for this type of data collection.

** Test Execution events

The test execution events are those data events that are the result of
an application under test.  These data events would be intended to
populate the test execution portion of the model.  There is no existing
specification for this type of data.

Richard K. Duggan
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