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[hyades-dev] Execution Group - UC1.1

Attached: Usecase 1.1 realisation diagram

I have added the "resume()" call to the diagram and the concept of a 

There is also a note about how sendMessage throws exceptions on various 
fail states.

The exceptions are as follows:

	TimeoutException - the message timed out while sending or waiting 
for an ack
	MessageDeliveryException - already specified, message could not be 
	MessageFormatException - the message was received but not 
	MessageIgnoredException - the message was received and understood 
but was not processed
	<no exception> - the message was received, understood and processed

Feel free to email additions or suggestions.

It occurred to me that we would need to throw an exception if the 
communication layer failed and that in this case a 
MessageDeliveryException would be appropriate.  Perhaps we should have 
something similar for all other remote calls? (lock, unlock etc)



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