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Re: [hudson-dev] Idea for community meetings

Sounds interesting. We could try.

- Winston

On 5/2/12 11:35 PM, Henrik Lynggaard Hansen wrote:
> Hi
> Last week I got a chance to try playing around with google Hangouts
> (part of google plus), and found it very useful
> Not only does it support group video/audio chats but it also comes
> with easy integration to hangout applications e.g. sharing a window
> from my screen was a click of a button. (with no additional software
> to install)
> Perhaps this is something we should look into. Besides getting faces
> to the "phone voices" we might be able to use the extras to better
> communicate ideas?
> Just a thought....
> Best regards
> Henrik 
> ps. I know some of the JCP groups use it, like the "state" JSR (can't
> remember the number, something in the 500 range). There is at least
> one oracle guy (his day job is coherence related) so perhaps we can
> talk to him and hear how he finds the experience.