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Re: [hudson-dev] Idea for community meetings

I think that is a great idea! Although sadly I can't participate in the next meeting due to exam week for me. I can hand out my google+ username if you would like to test this some time.

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Subject: [hudson-dev] Idea for community meetings


Last week I got a chance to try playing around with google Hangouts (part of google plus), and found it very useful 

Not only does it support group video/audio chats but it also comes with easy integration to hangout applications e.g. sharing a window from my screen was a click of a button. (with no additional software to install) 

Perhaps this is something we should look into. Besides getting faces to the "phone voices" we might be able to use the extras to better communicate ideas? 

Just a thought.... 

Best regards 

ps. I know some of the JCP groups use it, like the "state" JSR (can't remember the number, something in the 500 range). There is at least one oracle guy (his day job is coherence related) so perhaps we can talk to him and hear how he finds the experience. 

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