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[hudson-commits] [Git@Eclipse] Hudson Core Plaform annotated tag hudson-3.0.0-M1 created. hudson-3.0.0-M1

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Hudson Core Plaform".

The annotated tag, hudson-3.0.0-M1 has been created
        at  4256bbfdd15c8ca70e822e55aaba61d867e88f2d (tag)
   tagging  8f5e4213cc7728514dfccb0cd30a9dd76c307eff (commit)
 tagged by  Winston Prakash
        on  Wed Feb 15 18:37:10 2012 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
[maven-release-plugin]  copy for tag hudson-3.0.0-M1

8nevil8 (5):
      Move public method to intefaces for Job hierarchy. Introduce ICascadingJob interface with methods for cascading support
      Resolve Hudson-9077 (Jelly exception running Build now on a project from the homepage after upgrade to 2.2.0 from 2.1.0)
      Resolve issue Hudson-9078 (There is no help available for 'Cascading Project' in the New Job creation page)
      Remove YUI tree component because of invalid behavior of TreeNode elements. Use simple HTML tags
      Resolve issue Hudson-9084 (hudson-cli.jar copy-job is broken it creates a non-runnable job)

Stuart McCulloch (6):
      Extract hudson-jaxb, hudson-gwt, hudson-rest, hudson-maven3, and hudson-maven-legacy to their own repositories
      Remove extracted dependencies, since they're no longer in the reactor
      Temporarily depend on latest, released versions of the bundled plugins
      Temporarily depend on latest, released versions of the bundled plugins
      Fix commons-logging classloading issue in extension by upgrading to wagon-http 1.0-beta-7
      Discard unwanted AspectJ trace output from custom WeavingURLClassLoader

Winston Prakash (115):
      Initial commit of hudson-core files which are approved via CQ 5461
      Initial checkin of hudson-war module with out icons and javascript (CQ - 5515)
      Initial checkin of YUI 2.9.0 Javascript library (subset only) (CQ - 5612)
      Initial checkin of  Tango project icons version 0.8.90 to hudson-war (CQ 5586)
      Remove the checked in silk icons. They will be fetched at compile time from maven central
      Remove the use of .gif files and use only .png files
      Fix some issues with license, remove additional usage .gif files
      Adding missing YUI files (README)
      Remove .gitignore file in hudson-war. It already exists in the top level
      Add the missing container-min.js and remove container.js in YUI
      The element element utility is no longer beta. Remove the beta suffix.
      The textarea-handle is a gif not PNG
      Only he image none.gif exists, so correct the usage of none.png
      Switch to Spring version 2.5.6 as per bugzilla id 360525
      In YUI autocomplete depends on datasource YUI utility, so add it to the subset
      It appears several of the plugins using Gif images. So add them to the war as a backward compatibility resources
      Both datasource and element utility of YUI is out of beta in version 2.9.0. However some plugins appears to use them. Add them as backward compatibility resource.
      Add the datasource YUI utility as it is used by other YUI utilities
      During compile time include the compatibility resources using maven resource plugin.
      Since we do not know the private key (couldn't get it after the fork), replacing the public key for which we know the private key to send the encrypted usage statistics
      Add the installation secret key as the unique identifier for better install statistics analysis
      Checkin JQuery Block UI as advised in CQ 5616
      Switch from AceigSecurity (version 1.0.1) to Spring Security 2.0.7
      Chnage AceigSecurity (version 1.0.1) to Spring Security 2.0.7 in groovy file
      Change the Ant version to globally specified version
      Initial checkin of JQuery 1.6.4 (CQ 5613)
      Initial Checkin of Prototype 1.7 (CQ 5614)
      Initial checkin of Timeline 2.3.0 (CQ 5615)
      Remove the reference to JFreeChart
      Do not allow YUI debug. We don't checkin the YUI debug sources
      Parameterize the maven-hpi-plugin version. For now use the version as 2.3.0-Eclipse
      Use maven-hpi-plugin version 2.1.1 for now
      Graph Support Y Axis Labels are not set correct
      TEmporary version for Maven Hpi Plugin for testing
      Downgrade to maven-dependency-plugin version 2.0. Because version 2.3.0 throws the following exception
      Tentatively change the version to 3.0.0.
      Change the maven-hpi-version to 2.1.1 (builds are breaking)
      Fix some issues with graph rendering
      The closing literal was not correct in the generated javascript
      Update to correct Ajax SIMILE TIMELINE Widget
      Remove the maven-plugin and rest-plugin dependencies
      User version 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT for the time being
      Change import to org.eclipse.hudson.legacy.*
      Use the version 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT version of maven-plugin and rest-plugin for bundled version
      The color was incorrect for the Test Result Graph
      Introduce GraphSeries that contains the series definition and data.
      Add more attributes like graph type, label visibility, label position etc
      Display the job build trend stacked bar with colors appropriate for build status
      Display the test result count and duration as stacked bar
      Display the test duration in minutes to get better graph result
      Create proper line series to display the load statistics
      Some more changes from github mirror
      Add the extended prototype changes to ext-prototype.js file
      During refactoring these files moved to the wrong package, which cause the test harness to fail
      @since for some of the API introduced for graphing and JNA abstraction are in correct. It should be @since 3.0.0
      Switch to latest version of stapler jar
      With switch to Spring security from acegi security, GrantedAuthority can not be empyty
      On windows 7, Native Access Exception is thrown. Catch and log the exception since it seems to be not doing any damanage
      Incorrect image type caused by refactoring to use png instead of gif
      Add command line parameters to the jetty launcher to accept port. Also force the war to be exploded in the HUDSON_HOME
      Add OSS release repository to the repository list, so that we don't have to wait for the artifacts to be pushed in to the
      Add JNA access plugin, JFreechart plugin and  windows slaves plugin temporarily to the war bundle until we find alternative implementation
      Temporarily disable adding the crumb data to the header, which was broken after move from Prototype JS 1.4x to 1.7x
      Add a Annotation processor that marks a class as Hudson Plugin class (hudson.plugin). maven complier plugin is capable of doing the apt-compile
      Add the user attribute ROLE_ANONYMOUS to the security filter
      Fix NPE in the ToolDescriptor
      Fix by Nikia. The confirmation dialog for Node deletion is not working properly
      Syncing various commits from Github core eclipse branch
      Temporarily remove birt-charts plugin in war bundle to build the core.
      Temporarily remove birt-charts plugin in war bundle to build the core.
      Update the bundled version of JFreechart plugin to 1.1
      Fix for HUDSON-9109 - Bug with 'block build when downstream project is building' feature
      Use a PNG file to give a smooth rounded edge
      The separator bar between the login name and logout link is removed by mistake
      Reduce the cellspacing and cellpadding to compact the header. Also increase the padding of the search text field
      Fix: Bug 368151 - Cannot save LDAP settings groovy script error
      Fix: Bug 368234 - Username not passed to ldap when logging in via cli client
      Fix: Bug 368244 - Install as windows service not available for Master
      Fix: Bug 368245 - Logo in the JNLP web start slave agent window is of the old style
      Bug Fix: Bug 368343 - Wipe out workspace before build causes git job to fail
      Change the version of bundled plugins to its released version
      War-executable module need to specify hudson-parent which in turn specify distribution management files etc.
      Remove the dependency of maven plugin on the Test Framework. It will be moved to test harness
      Modify the access of HudsonTestCase.createUniqueProjectName() to protected, so that it can be accessed from sub class
      Put back the classifier "war-for-test" to the war artifact used for Test harness
      Remove the access modifier annotation library usage. We may have IP issue with usage of this tool. Instead use @Depricated
      Exclude some of the library dependencies of hudson-maven-embedder to avoid version conflict in Test Harness
      Remove animal-sniffer-annotation library usage, since we have provenance issue with this library.
      Remove the patched version of javax.activation (provenance issue) and instead use the original version 1.4.4. The patched version has just logging added.
      Remove the BridgeMethodAnnotation library because of IP provenance issue. The removed API methods should not be used by plugins. Ugly hack of injecting overloaded methods in to the byte code is unacceptable and it violates the simple Java rule of "method overload by return type only is not allowed".
      Remove the unused library in core apache avalon framework. If plugins depend on this, they should define their own.
      Remove the library embeddedsu_4j library and import the two classes (covered by Sun java.net license)
      Remove the dependency on junit-ext. Not utilized anywhere. In URLIsReachable the Checker (junit-ext) implementation seems to be unused any where.
      Revert back to 1.155 version of stapler library. Versions 1.155+ were released outside of java.net and has provenance issue. I don't see any compelling need to switch to version 1.176
      Remove Glassfish artifact and plugin repository. Glassfish is not a standard repository and we must rely on Maven cenntral for artifacts and plugins.
      Revert to version 1.155 version of maven-stapler-plugin. Versions 1.155+  have IP provenance issue as they are released outside of java.net and not covered by java.net license. There is no compelling reason to use Version 1.176
      Remove the dependency on crypto-util.jar. Import the two small classes in to hudson-core (covered by java.net 2004-2009 license)
      Remove org.antlr which is a compile time. We need only the runtime antlr lib.
      Remove the unnecessary dependency org.apache.ant.ant-launcher and xpp3:xpp3_min. Also upgrade to asm-all:3.1
      Fix: Yesterday upgraded to asm 3.1, no compilation error and my generic test of the UI all passed. But there were 61 test failures in the nightly test harness run. So switching back to 2.3.3
      Remove the dependency on the external library metainf-services in the core due to IP/Provenance concern. Add the service lookup directly at META-INF/services folder
      Instead of unpacking all the classes of jetty jars in to the war root, keep them as jars in a libs folder and load the classes from them using a URL class loader.
      Add the --logfile and --prefix options to the jetty launcher
      Fix the test harness failures. The Executable War class changed to "org.eclipse.war.Executable"
      Add SSL options to the Jetty Launcher
      Change the style of tables and border with that of the overall color theme
      Use jQuery hide() and show() instead of manipulating the opacity
      Remove trilead SSH dependency, because its development has discontinued. Instead use Ganymede SSH library. Also remove the dependency on Logkit
      Switch to  latest version (3.0.0-1) of bundled plugins
      Commit the sources of Putty extension library. These sources are covered under the java.net license
      Use the latest version of bundled plugins (3.0.0-1)
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare release hudson-3.0.0-M1
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
      Change bundled maven3 plugin version to 3.0.0-2 which includes fix 37160
      [maven-release-plugin] prepare release hudson-3.0.0-M1

akozak (170):
      Resolve HUDSON-9011 (Javascript bugs in Hudson Version 2.1.1 using Internet Explorer 8)
      Add template field and getTemplate methods for project configuration page
      Implement common interfaces for Job, AbstractProject, FreeStyleProject
      Update FreeStyleProject in order to support parent template while setting and getting custom workspace value
      Resolve HUDSON-8998 (In a multi-configuration job expanding a second user defined axis to multi line doesn't work)
      Improved getItemByName, added tests.
      Add configurable ThreadLocal value in order to skip saving config during submit operation
      Add configurable ThreadLocal value in order to skip saving config during submit operation
      Add legacy commons-digester and commons-lang dependencies for backward compatibility
      Template and TemplateName were relocated to Job.
      Updated LogRotator, added tests.
      Remove static definition from 'allowSave' property
      Implement getters and setters for jdkName, quietPeriod based on template project. Improve unit-tests
      Added interface for Matrix Project, refactoring.
      Implement getters and setters for jdkName, quietPeriod based on template project. Improve unit-tests
      HUDSON-9001: massage the Akuma groupId in classes/dependencies.txt so it can still be found by org.jvnet.hudson:executable-war:1.17
      Handle plugin descriptors containing "null" string values
      Initialize allowSave variable in onLoad action
      Implement getters and setters logic for blockBuildWhenUpstreamBuilding, blockBuildWhenDownstreamBuilding fields. Use Boolean wrapper instead of primitive type
      Implement backward compatible getters and setters for boolean values. Cover methods with unit-tests
      Extended MatrixProject to process parent template, added tests.
      Added unit tests, cobertura-maven-plugin, upgraded version of powermock, small fixes.
      Improve methods handling for getters/setters. Add ability to retrieve value from child project without taking into account parent template
      Draft implementation of template highlighting for optionalBlock
      Improve optionalBlock tag. Add default css for <td> element. Improve UI:Mark field as changed only if project has templateParent value
      "template" property was renamed to "cascadingProject"
      "Update licenses. Rename isTemplateValue=>isCascadingValue. Fixed cobertura configuration
      Add customWorkspace property handling for UI
      Fix code formatting. Implement unit test for isCustomWorkspaceInherited method. Interfaces relocated to org.hudsonci.api package.
      Interfaces relocated to org.eclipse.hudson.api package.
      Improved coverage.
      Improve cascading methods for FreeStyle and AbstractProject classes. Integrate isPropertyOverriden method. Fix unit tests
      MatrixProject modified to use Set instead of null value to identify whether property was overriden.
      Implement IProperty interface which represent job property (string, int, etc.). Apply new interface to FreeStyleProject
      Replace property_name enum with simple constants. Add javadocs. Introduce BaseProperty class which contains common methods for IProperty handling
      Implement BooleanProperty. Add ability to return default value for property instead of null. Code clean-up. Apply boolean properties for 'Clean workspace before build' logic
      Rename *Property to *ProjectProperty
      Improve ProjectProperties. Remove default constructor. Update MatrixProject. Remove legacy-code. Improve unit-tests. @ignore failed test for MatrixProject
      Draft implementation which supports legacy properties. Implement unit-test for Legacy configuration testing
      Created ResultProjectProperty, fixed Matrix project.
      Improve LegacyConverter test. Implement legacy properties conversion for blockBuildWhenUpstreamBuilding, blockBuildWhenDownstreamBuilding, concurrentBuild, cleanWorkspaceRequired
      Improve LegacyConverter test. Implement legacy properties conversion and IProperty logic for quietPeriod, scmCheckoutRetryCount
      CustomWorkspace constant was relocated to Job.
      HUDSON-9001: Consistency, we only need to fix the akuma dependency
      Add ready message.
      Reset legacy properties after conversion to IProperty instance
      Fix HUDSON-8997 (Display node description when hovering on the node name)
      Remove duplicate json-lib library
      Migrated FreeStyleProject Advandced section to IProperty usage. Remove redundant method from interface
      Returned back stapler 1.5 because of the http://issues.hudson-ci.org/browse/HUDSON-9021 and problems with JSON.
      Improve fix for Hudson-8209: allow to use '.' only in {} brakets
      Improve ProjectProperty logic. Implement unit test for ProjectProperties. Move FreeStyleProjectMock to separate class
      Updated MatrixProject configuration page.
      Updated bounded plugins to the latest version.
      Rename jelly tag attribute 'isCascadingValue' to 'isOverriddenProperty'. Add 'isOverriddenProperty' to f:entry tag. Add ProjectProperty support for AbstractProject.JDK value. Implement legacy test case for jdk conversion
      Expose resetValue method to IProjectProperty interface. Make it possible to reset property value
      Add XStream alias for job properties. Move ProjectProperties to separate package
      Implement LogRotatorProperty for logRotator logic and unit test for property conversion
      Implement DropDown instead of textfield for cascading project
      Refresh Configuration page after changing cascading parent. Update project properties overridden flag based on chosen cascading parent. Use ProjectProperty.isOverridden instead of ProjectProperty.isPropertyOverridden
      Draft implementation of revert functionality for optionalBlock element. Add License to cascading.js
      Add IE hook for highlighting overridden values
      Improved Matrix configuration page.
      Implement cascading support for hetero-list.jelly. Add css style for div.modified
      Implement cascading support for hetero-list.jelly. Add css style for div.modified
      Implement cascading support for hetero-list.jelly. Add css style for div.modified
      Improved UI for log rotator and touch stone combination filter on Matrix configuration page
      Implement equals, hashCode methods for tasks. Cover logic with unit-tests
      Add resetUrl for hetero-list tag
      Implement equals/hashCode methods for CopyOnWriteList class, cover logic with unit test
      Added cascading for Axes on Matrix Configuration Page.
      Fixed broken Ant automatic installator.
      Implement equals/hashCode for PersistedList. Add Unit test for new methods
      Improve IJob interface (extend from Item). Draft implementation of DescribableProjectProperty. Implement unit test for property constructor.
      Add connection timeout for UpdateCenter. Skip test if host is unreachable
      Improve DescribableListProjectProperty handling. Override allowOverride method for ignoring List Owner
      Migrate builders section to IProjectProperty usage
      Implement Utility methods for DescribableList
      Apply ProjectProperties for builders, publishers, buildWrappers. Implement test case for checking Project properties conversion to IProjectProperties
      Added test which verifies old matrix configuration loading.
      Improves cobertura configuration.
      Rev-up XSTREAM to 1.4.1-hudson-2
      Fixed test which verifies loading of the legacy project matrix configuration
      Fixed test which verifies loading of the legacy project matrix configuration
      Improved test.
      Imrove BaseProjectProperty. Use reflectionEquals for allowOverride
      Added cascading for project SCM.
      Draft implementation of publisher project properties for FreeStyleProject. Improve unit tests. Implement methods for conversion legacy fields to new properties
      Improved SCM cascading.
      Fix invalid encoding for LegacyTest file
      Since we do not know the private key (couldn't get it after the fork), replacing the public key for which we know the private key to send the encrypted usage statistics
      Fixed issue with cascading matrix child project loading.
      Enabled commented rebuildConfigurations, temporary disabled legacy Matrix configuration loading
      Dublicate code was removed from Project and Matrix Build. BaseBuildableProject was introduced.
      Fixed issue with revert button rendering in IE.
      Increase visibility for allowOverrideValue method. Move this method to IProjectProperty interface
      Resolve issue: section element wasn't opened during page reload
      Resolve issue: publishers were not populated because of invalid method usage
      Introduce isModified field in order to trigger Property changes from UI. Implement workaround for equals methods absence
      Avoid caching of css and js custom resources. Add hudson version to css and js refs, a few fixes
      Introduce returnOriginalValue method for PP class. Add ability to override this method in subclasses in order to provide flexible mechanism of value handling. Increase test coverage. Implement test class for DescribableListUtil class
      Unified checkbox names in order to match property names.
      Refine isModified logic. Use this field only for special ProjectProperty that will be the wrapper for Publishers, BuilWrappers and other classes without correctly implemented equals methods.
      Upgrade to sisu 2.3.0 and guava 10.0.1
      Update JavaDocs for PP. Implement unit-tests for ExternalProjectProperty
      doResetProjectProperty method was relocated to Job class.
      Disable cascading JS for tests. Fix DescribableListProperty (when getDefaultValue was called - result was not used for such Property. All values were missed)
      Improved ru properties, help messages. Fixed UI for concurrentBuild cascading property rendering.
      Added cascadingChildrenNames set and appropriate methods.
      Implement method for unlinking cascading project from parents. Improve linkCascadingProject method
      Implement unit-tests for link/unlink cascading projects. Improve deleteConfirmation dialog. Doesn't allow to delete project with cascading children
      Added cascading links updating on the project renaming.
      Implement recursive filtering for List of cascading candidates
      Added tests, fixed javadoc.
      Introduce CascadingUtil class. Move cascading logic to utils. Improve FreeStyleProjectMock
      Implement unit test for cascading utils. Move cascading test cases from Functions. Improve cascading projects filtering. Exclude same project from cascading list on server-side
      Unify logic for publishers and buildWrappers. Introduce cascading for buildWrappers section. Implement cascadingDescriptorList jelly tag
      Clean-up job class. Use set of get*Properties methods from CascadingUtil
      A few fixes.
      Implement cascading functionality for triggers
      Implement test for legacy triggers, publishers conversion
      Improved highlighting and help messages for the triggers.
      Fixed NPE (if the node on which the job previously had been built was not available)
      Improve upstream/downstream triggers handling for cascading functionality. Add additional validation for triggers recursion
      Implement equals/hashcode for ParameterDefinition subclasses. Add unit tests for new logic
      Refine BasePP class in order to provide better flexibility in resetting original value for subclasses
      Added mockito-core dependency to plugin-parent
      addPublisher/removePublisher methods were relocated to BaseBuildableProejct.
      Added cascading for "Restrict where this project can be run"
      Improve cascadingDescriptorList tag. Improve TriggerProjectProperty
      Implement cascading functionality for Build Parameters
      Fixed NPE
      Fix NPE on job load. Add null checks for cascading children
      Fixed highlighting of the parameters in case of cascading overriding.
      Changed generic of BaseBuildableProject to save backward compatibility with publishers (@see BuildStepCompatibilityLayer#perform(Build<?,?> build, Launcher launcher, BuildListener listener))
      Fix ProjectPropery comparision logic. Include transient fields. Fix unit-test for AxisListProperty#allowOverride method
      HUDSON-9064: avoid UnsupportedOperationException on JBoss5 by using url.openConnection() when there is no proxy configuration
      Introduce set of ProjectProperties tests based on ProjectPropertyTest class. Implement test cases for CopyOnWriteListProperty, BaseProjectProperty, DescribableListProjectProperty, ExternalProjectProperty. A few fixes.
      Introduce set of ProjectProperties tests based on ProjectPropertyTest class. Implement test cases for CopyOnWriteListProperty, BaseProjectProperty, DescribableListProjectProperty, ExternalProjectProperty. A few fixes.
      Added unit tests
      FIxed HUDSON-8896 - Useless stacktraces reported on XML unmarshall problems.
      Remove LegacyAuthorizationStrategy. Resolve HUDSON-8944
      Optimize cascading.js. Bind onChange handler only for configuration form
      FIxed HUDSON-8938 (Option to notify user of Hudson account creation Refactored MailSender in order to simplify the logic Improved mail templates.
      Resolve HUDSON-7046 (Block Build when downstream project is building - No UI for matrix build): add UI for matrix build
      Resolve Potential ClassCastException for triggers functionality
      Fixed javadoc
      Improve cascading functionality. Avoid redundant project saving while workin with describableList.
      A few fixes.
      Fix triggers logic. Call #updateTransientActions() on trigger add/remove
      Fix Exception while evaluation jelly expression for ChangeLogSet. Use guave empty iterator instead of apache-collections
      Reset triggers while removing cascading project parent
      Improved help message for "Project Relationship" search feature (HUDSON-9068).
      Fixed wiki link
      Improve SCM cascading handling: Inherit SCM if it wasn't configured. Speed-up code: drop instanceof checking. Implement unit-tests for new logic
      Job should be saved after changing cascading children
      Used DeepEquals for the properties comparison. It resolves the issue in some tier2 plugins with properties highlighting as overridden if no changes was made. Improved onProjectPropertyChanged.
      Resolve HUDSON-8176 (Matrix Projects variables do not Escaped properly the / character in the URL)
      Draft implementation of cascadable JobProperties. Improve highlighting for modified elements.
      setCascadingProjectName method should be called from Job class during submit
      Resolve HUDSON-9072 (500 Exception adding a slave axis to a matrix build in IE8): Fix IE JS specific name attribute handling. Small javaDoc fix.
      Add null check for Describable#toMap method. Avoid NPE and possible fix for HUDSON-9067
      Block deleting external job if it has cascading children. Introduce cascadingJobDeleteForm.jelly tag
      Merged missed fix for HUDSON-8916 Add "hudson.security.WipeOutPermission" system property
      Project properties were excluded from api package
      Fixed css, updated bundled plugins
      Specified default hudson url.
      JDK automatic installer temporarily disabled because of NPE at hudson tools.JDKInstaller.locateStage1(JDKInstaller.java:347). The reason is changed oracle JDK download page.
      Move sisu-inject back to 2.2.3 to facilitate separation of maven-plugin from hudson-core. Updated version of jaxen to resolve issue on Tomcat
      Fixed NPE in update center if plugin contains "null" required core value.


Hudson Core Plaform