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Re: [higgins-dev] Agenda for Thursday's higgins dev call

From the West Coast, a move to 3pm Eastern / noon Thursday would be much better!

On Sep 16, 2010, at 7:32 AM, Mike McIntosh wrote:

•             Time: Thursday noon Eastern (16:00 UTC) U.S.
•             Skype: +9900827047990866
•             Dial-in: 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#
•             [Paul] Proposal to move Higgins calls to 10:30 am (instead of noon) on Thursdays.
•             [Mary] Project Plan [1] quick review of dates/progress for 1.1M9 and 1.1RC1
•             All 1.1M8 Issues are closed/resolved
•             Mary, are there any things we should be working on?
•             [Mary, Mike, John Bradley] OpenID4Java
••           What are we going to do about this endless project of trying to get the OpenID developer's contribution documentation? Let's make a decision today
••           Mike, are we even using it for Higgins 1.1? Can we/should we remove OpenID support from Higgins 1.1?
•             [Mary, Tom] What is the plan for the Eclipse/Higgins/Mydex press release?
•             [Paul] Updated PDS Overview diagram [4]
•             [Paul, Alexander, Mike] App-card design review [5,6,7]
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