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[higgins-dev] Notes for Higgins Developers Call on June 17

Notes for Higgins dev call – June 17, 2010





•             Valery Kokhan - Azigo Ukraine

•             Mike McIntosh - Azigo

•             Drummond Reed - Cordance

•             Mary Ruddy - Meristic

•             Markus Sabedello – Harvard Law Lab

•             Paul Trevithick - Azigo




•             Time: noon Eastern (16:00 UTC) U.S.

•             Dial-in: 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#

•             OPTION #1: SKYPE – Dial +9900827047990866




1) [Paul] HIGGINS 1.1M8 - (WAS JUNE 15th)

                    Go to [5] & click top link - 5 items remaining (Mary, Valery)


                    http://wiki.eclipse.org/Developer_Team_Page#Building - is all this correct?

                    Is [7] implemented, reviewed?, correct?

                    When will we do the builds, and SVN branching for 1.1M8?


                    [Paul] It has been a long time (Aug 25, 2009) since we have done a milestone build, so  we are rusty.

                    [Valery] There are still several components that are not building.  Sergey is continuing to work on them, but there are several problems. It may take several days to resolve them.

                    [Paul] You are saying the solutions on the download page under M7?

                    [Valery] There are several component builds that aren’t building. The XDI4j solution is also not building. So it will take several more days to resolve the issues to make the M8 build.

                    [Paul] M8 has a different set of solutions than M7.

                    [Paul] In M7, we had the GTK selector and all that.


                    [Mike] It doesn’t look like the attribute service is on the M8 list, but it should be.

                    [Paul] That is part of Higgins 2.0. That is why it is not on the list.

                    [Paul] On the 1.1.M8 wiki page, I just copied in the missing items.

                    [Paul] For each milestone, at the top is a link with all the remaining tasks.  There are 4 that at not done. Valery there is ***659, more tweaks to the download page.

                    [Valery] Take a look at what has been done.

                    [Paul] Are the LEDs accurate?

                    [Valery] The build column is accurate, we don’t build any selector automatically.

                    [Paul] So one confusion I have, each time we do a milestone, we have always done a branch, so once it is working it should stay building. Are you saying the M7 is building off the trunk?

                    [Paul] Why don’t we make a new bugzilla item with the changes we have agreed to here.

                    [Paul] So we could end up with two columns the nightly build and the stable build.

                    [Valery] The build page says that it is M7, but once we make M8 build, it should be renamed.

                    [Paul] Either rename or add the new build at the top.

                    [Paul] You need the current milestone and the previous stable build…. We will rename this components download and link to it from download.  I will create a new bugzilla item with the latest changes. Will create a new 1.1M8 section and replace the 1.1M7 section….

                    [Paul] The next one is *363. 

                    [Mike] It is the Higgins QT selector auto build.

                    [Paul] This item is in the wrong milestone. It should be in 2.0

                    [Paul] There is only one item left with Alex’s name.  The referenced pages need to be edited.  I just moved this to M9.

                    [Paul] So the only item left is the one I’m creating that includes the SVN branch.

                    [Paul] So we will change the date until we get this build done.

                    [Mike] We need to make sure that we have all the third-party dependencies associated with that branch also separately labeled.


2) [Paul] 1.1M9 - JULY 15th

•             Go to [6] click top link - 13 open items (Mike, Alexander, SergeyL) - we're not going to do some of these


                    [Paul] If you look at this list, there are a number that I think are just old. Number  *836, assigned to Mike, upgrade to Apache XML security.

                    [Mike] It is either already fixed or ??. Leave it there for now and I will investigate what we are using in the STS build. I think all of the issues with my name next to them need to be investigated. This is 1.1, so we shouldn’t do anything radical. There are some longer term STS issues for 2.0

                    [Paul] I’ve been cleaning up the developer team page to get it to be accurate and put the more interesting stuff at the top.  I’m looking at the section on building, is it true?  I’d like someone, Valery or Alexander to review that section and see if it is correct.  I’ll create a bugzilla item for that.

                    [Paul] We have the master bugs you created, Mike. How do we know where these stand?

                    [Mike] The challenge is that we have a lot of work to do to get these documented and up to date, I’m trying to get Irena to help the real component owner to get this stuff documented that has a minimal impact on the developer doing their real job. There is a lot of work to do there. It is going to take a while. I will try to get a more detailed status from Irena on what she needs.

                    [Paul] Should I have added two months to the calendar? Two weeks? Our goal for milestones is an item is either on the component list (done) or it is not there.

                    [Mike] Can you talk to Irena and get an estimate about how long each of these process checklists will take? I will keep ownership of the STS one. I’m also concerned about the SAML IdP.  Do we expect Markus to continue working on this item?

                    [Markus] I’m on the call.

                    [Mike] Welcome Markus, you have an action item.

                    [Mike] I will go through the check list and verify the status. If something isn’t done, I will send you emails (and bugzilla items.)

                    [Paul] This was part of 1.0.



•             http://wiki.eclipse.org/Persona_Change_Events

•             [Paul] We are out of time, so we will talk about this next week.


4) [Paul] XDI HARMONIZATION (starting at 1pm Eastern)

•             Continue to work through [3]


                    [Paul] Whomever wants to stay can work on the XDI harmonization.

                    [Paul] We are going top to bottom though this thing [3].

                    [Paul] Do you see the HDM section?  We think cross-context h correlation is the same as $is? Is that correct?

                    [Markus] Sounds right.

                    [Paul] The idea is to identify where and what changes should be make to harmonize.

                    [Paul] The long term plan is to make them the same, but that requires lots of changes to Higgins.

                    [Markus] There is an XDI wiki page that could be used as a target. It will be finalized soon.

                    [Paul] Skype it to me, so I can add the URL to the page.

                    [Markus] I just sent it on Skype.

                    [Paul] Cross-context h correlations. This is a major difference. .. (Discussion).  Actually, an entity in one context may be linked to entities in the same or other contexts via an h:correlation link. Resolution, they are actually the same.

                    [Paul] (continued discussion and updating of harmonization wiki page [3].)

                    [Paul] We also need to make a wiki page that talks about things like $first that XDI uses that Higgins doesn’t. I need to find out all the $words in XDI to see what might need to be changed in Higgins. What is $d$first?

                    [Markus] It is the first time stamp date and time, when this subject was created.

                    [Paul] So in the Higgins data model, this doesn’t exit.  What is $d$last?

                    [Markus] The time when it was last modified.

                    [Paul] If you hit refresh, I added a new section on these terms. This section looks at PDX and tries to find equivalent terms in HDM, CDM, or PDM.

                    [Paul] Oh. Search doesn’t work on these wiki pages.

                    [Mary] Then we need to add search to the list of items that are inconsistent between the wiki skinned Higgins pages and the real Higgins web pages.

                    [Paul] …..

                    [Paul] We will continue the discussion next week.





[1] http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/projectplan.php

[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1

[3] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_XDI_Harmonization

[5] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M8

[6] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M9

[7] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Automated_Solution-Level_Builds