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[higgins-dev] Re: Preparation for Higgins 1.1 release

Mike and Mary,

I have created this Higgins 1.1 "release" page:
...and I've copied all of the relevant content from this email to it.

We should resume the weekly thursday noon dev calls to drive towards a release of Higgins 1.1 


On May 18, 2010, at 1:50 PM, Paul Trevithick wrote:

One more solution:

On May 18, 2010, at 1:37 PM, Paul Trevithick wrote:

Mike and Mary,

With the of code from Azigo for the AIR active client now checked in we need to create a plan for the formal release of Higgins 1.1. It has been a couple years since we released Higgins 1.0 and I'm a bit rusty on all of what's involved. Here are a few things that I can see at a glance that need doing:

- Updating the Higgins 1.1 plan [1] page
- Creating a "Higgins 1.1RC" table here [2], including defining the "solution" rows, and populating each cell. Currently (in 1.1M7) there are 11 solutions defined. Each needs an owner, download link, solution level wiki page, etc. as documented here [3]. 
- Making sure all projects have the 1.1.XXX project version
- Making sure all code meets Eclipse guidelines (headers, copyright, EPL license, etc)
- Scheduling with Eclipse for a formal release review
- Passing the release review
- Creating an SVN branch and tagging the build
- Updating the all build instruction pages for all "solutions" to reference the correct branch/tag
- Resolving the OpenID4Java IP issues?
- Putting out a press release perhaps? Mary?

Some details

Looking at [2] we see 11 "solutions" listed under 1.1M7:
- GTK Selector 1.1-Win --move this to a "mothballed" section --the code is "as is" but isn't formally part of 1.1
- AIR Selector 1.1-Win  --this solution page [4] needs to be updated to be correct WRT to the new AIR code (architecture, build instructions, etc.. 
- AIR Selector 1.1-Mac --as above
- Cloud Selector 1.1 --what is the status of this? Is it ready to go?
- iPhone Selector 1.1 --I think this is in pretty good shape
- STS IdP --update/dust off probably fine
- SAML IdP --update/dust off probably fine
- IdAS Solutions 1.1 --update/dust off probably fine
- IdAS Proxy Service 1.1 --move to a new Higgins 2.0 table (not used by H1.1 code)
- XDI4J --update/dust off probably fine
- IdAS Attribute Service 1.1 --move to a new Higgins 2.0 table (not used by H1.1 code)

Hmm.. and it seems that our CardStore web service is a new and separate solution--so it needs its own solution-level wiki page. I realize that it is part of the I-Card Service and may not need separate build doc