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[higgins-dev] Question about ICardProtocolHandler code (Token decryption)

Hi Sergey,
I have been looking though your RP code in order to find where the token is verified and claims are extracted. I've found that the token first is decrypted with a private key (obtained through the keystore) and afterwards verified.
My question is... when is the token ciphered? Who ciphers it? CardSpace?
I don't think that the IdP is able to cipher the token after generation, mainly because there should not be any direct interaction between IdP and RP so IdP is unable to get RP public key. The only solution that comes to my mind is that CardSpace recieves a clear token through an SSL channel and afterwards it ciphers it with the RP SSL public key, but this scenario does not seem really logical to me since the comunication is always covered with the SSL layer.
Could you please enlight me about what is decrypted and why in the following instruction?
  log.info("Decrypt token using key " + key + " key algorithm " + key.getAlgorithm());
  ie = secext.DecryptElement(elemToken, (PrivateKey)(keyStore.getKey(keyStoreAlias,keyStorePwd.toCharArray())));
  log.info("Decrypted token looks like\n"+ie.getAs(java.lang.String.class));

If it does help you, is the line 146 of ICardProtocolHandler that is found inside org.eclipse.higgins.rp.icard package.
Thank you for the help.
David Campos
Safelayer Secure Communications S.L.
DMAG UPC Researcher