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[higgins-dev] Notes for Higgins Developers Call on August 20

Notes for Higgins dev call – August 20, 2009





  • John Bradley 
  • Mary Ruddy - Meristic
  • Markus Sabedello – Harvard Law Lab
  • Paul Trevithick - Azigo
  • Brian Walker - Azigo
  • Alexander Yuhimenko

LOGISTICS: Time: noon Eastern (16:00 UTC) U.S. Dial-in: 1-866-362-7064 / 89-2048#



  • Delayed to Aug 19
  • Go to [1], click on “All 1.1M7 items” link.
  • Let’s go through the 5 remaining open items:
    • Denis: 1
    • Vitaly: 4
  • [Brian] We have been working diligently, especially the last few days getting everything checked in. We are just about ready for the first build. Valery is pulling the last pieces together for the last ticket. We should be all set.  Expect that there will be a couple of iterations on the build. Will keep folks apprised of progress. Expect to be done in a day or two.  Will send a note to the dev list.  Also several clean ups to the solutions pages – This is not tied to the build schedule. 


  • Solution level & component level
  • [Paul] The downloads page looks right. We need to add a link at the bottom to the components pages.  Only Markus’ iPhone can be downloaded and used.  It is just about there. 
  • [Brian] Will update folks when have successful build. Mary, per M8, we need to take a week or two to get iterated to get real plan.
  • [Paul] Is the AIR selector 1.1 for Win and Mac done? 
  • [Brian] Should we grey them out?
  • [Paul] The idea is that if they are there, they are available. Should we have these sets of tables and repeat them for every milestone?  The idea is we would delete all rows except the iPhone.  Remember the concept is we wouldn’t have downloads unless they are in good shape.  So we are halfway there.  We have a good format for the table, but it contains things that don’t [automatically] build.  So the question is what makes the best impression.
  • [Paul] We could keep the same table, but have columns for M7and M8 and M9.
  • [Paul] Don’t want to lose the page.
  • [Mary] It is listing all the things that can be manually built.
  • [Paul] We could keep the first and last line. I’m tempted to make it accurate.
  • [Paul] The theory is you could click on the wiki page and you could follow those instructions. – maybe instead of “not available, no automated solution level builds” – can point them to roll their own.
  • [Mary] People will come looking for a build that doesn’t exist yet, as they have heard of the functionality.
  • [Brian] Could make a note 1. There is enough room for two short sentences – automated solution build not yet available. To manually build, go here with a link to the wiki page.
  • [Mary] Yes.
  • [Paul] So that is a good compromise.
  • [Brian] I will follow-up with Denis on the mods to the download column.


  • Review proposed implementation recommendations
  • [Paul] So this is a way to get more automatic builds
  • [Brian] Alexander is on the call.  He sent out an email to the list.  Based on Paul’s direction he did analysis and recommends using the Hudson tool. This not only helps with the builds, but can help with automated testing.
  • [Mary] Email from Alexander came just as the Paul was beginning to speak.
  • [Alexander] … see email.
  • [Brian] Do people have additional comments or questions? General plan is to move forward with Hudson.
  • [Paul] It sounds like we are using Hudson and Maven?
  • [Alexander] Yes. Hudson is just engine for any build script. 
  • [Paul] It would help if we put this on the wiki page, the actual plan.  We have 7 servers listed.  For each machine [for example], this is what we are going to be running. Are we using the Eclipse Higgins build service still? Then on the Azigo build machine, we will run Hudson.
  • [Alexander] OK.
  • [Paul] Brian, can you give us any more overview of where we go from here?
  • [Brian] We plan to use the solution that Alexander has proposed to build the solutions and ultimately components.
  • [Paul] Could we pick GTK 1.1 selector as the next one?
  • [Brian] Will iterate to determine next step, which solution to target next.
  • [Markus] Some solutions should be buildable – they don’t require any other not yet approved jars.  Shouldn’t there be a line for those?
  • [Brian] Need to check why the STS isn’t building.
  • [Paul] Markus, you are saying you can build the SAML2 IdP?
  • [Markus] It does build ever night.
  • [Paul] Then all you need to do is put a link to that. The beauty of this page is you can now look at it and say: STS, why isn’t there a link there.
  • [Brian] I will follow up on the status of the STS build. Markus can you provide the instructions for how to update this page to Denis?
  • [Markus] Ummm.
  • [Paul] Brian, we want the build script to be modified to turn our new LED’s green and put the link in if the build is successful. If the build fails, it should say build failed and put a red LED.
  • [Markus] I just clicked on a component download page.  It didn’t work I got redirected to the solutions page.
  • [Paul] Oh. They are all broken. That isn’t part of the plan. We didn’t mean to break all the links that do build. We definitely need to fix that.
  • [Brian] I will dig into that one. Next steps are to fix broken links and work on the solution links to.
  • [Paul] One nit. One of the entries is top of line vs. mid line on the components page



  • [Paul]The last item is John. You were going to give us an update on the SAML attributes.
  • [John] I distributed the SAML2 IMI profile. Mike J. and I are going to work on the potential profile for managed cards.  The idea is to codify the behavior of the claim into two fields. And making it clear to RP’s that they need to re-assemble that.
  • [John] …
  • [Paul] We look forward to seeing that as soon as you can share that and seeing what will break.
  • [Markus] We didn’t actually know how many RP’s really deal with the situation. It is possible that people may have RP’s and may need to educate people (not to use the” /”)
  • [Paul] …
  • [John] Pam’s stuff doesn’t do that. Most people RP’s were constructed to work with p-cards.  Will only be a problem with managed claims.  Hopefully that will be clear in the SAML2 specifications profile.  Don’t want to change 1.1 except if the stuff that really doesn’t work.
  • [John] I sent an email to the list.
  • [Paul] So the profile is a profile issued by the IMI TC.
  • [John] The profile will mostly be documenting what is currently happening.
  • [Paul] When will this be available?
  • [John] Probably a couple of weeks.  Goal is not to have any braking change.
  • [Brian] The challenge is ongoing projects.
  • [John] Currently none of the existing cards work with CardSpace2.
  • [John] There are new ideas for card selection.  Need to write this up and find a venue. We can do this in the IMI TC.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M7
[2] http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/downloads.php
[3] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Automated_Solution-Level_Builds