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Re: [higgins-dev] Retrieving Managed Card Claims


On Fri, 21 Aug 2009 12:06:05 +0200
Oren Cohen <oren.junam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am still trying to create a managed card and retrieve its claims on the
> selector. I am trying to use the latest stable version of STS Demo (deployed
> on localhost).
> I have two question:
>    1. Does Microsoft card space does not provide "Retrieve" option on the
>    selector?
>    2. When using Azigo selector, I am able to see the managed card issued,
>    and when I am trying to click on retrieve values, the selector is asking for
>    username and password after populating fields and clicking "Submit", I am
>    getting the following message:
>    "Could not retrieve values. Please make sure you entered correct
>    password.". I don't see exceptions or error messages in Catalina log, and I
>    know that the password is correct, how can I debug this issue?

AFAIK, Azigo selector can't directly communicate with STS/IdP, it's working via CardSync or Rpps (http://wiki.eclipse.org/CardSync_Web_App) service.  

Did you deploy  CardSync or ICard service  and change Azigo selector configuration? 

if no, Azigo selector have to work with default WS endpoint (service.azigo.com), so it seams Rpps  from service.azigo.com might not  establish connection to your local STS and Catalina log was empty.

> Thanks a lot,
> Oren.

Alexander Yuhimenko