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[higgins-dev] Newbie question: Higgins Ontology (HOWL XML File) to Java Model Classes (EntityModel, AttributeModel) Mapping. How does it work?

Dear Higgins Team,

we are currently looking into the Higgins project as a base implementation for an IdAS/Context Provider solution for our user profiles distributed over different application silos.

One key point we are still having problems with, is the question how to map the Higgins Ontology (as defined in an XML file) to the actual "Model" classes in the java code (EntityModel, AttributeModel) that can be accessed via the "getModel()" method.

For example, the Higgins 1.0 solution for the XMLFile Context Provider does not implement such a mapping. The "getModel" method is just not implemented here.

Also I can find no source code that may do such a "generic" scanning and conversion of the Higgins ontology XML file. From my partial understanding of Higgins so far, I would think that this mapping task is similar for each context, because the Higgins ontology is specified. So I do not have to implement such a mapping for each context provider, but can reuse some conversion method implemented in the Higgins framework. 

Is that so? And if yes, where is it done? What code can I reuse, when I write my own context provider?

Any help to get me on the right direction will be appreciated.

Kind regards, 
Berend Boll
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