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Re: [higgins-dev] Higgins milestone dates

Title: Re: [higgins-dev] Higgins milestone dates
Hi Ranjan,

You’re right. We’ve fixed the dates:


On 5/18/09 1:21 PM, "Ranjan Kumar" <rk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

     The milestone dates for Higgins 1.1 M7 and M8 do not seem to be up to date. They both indicate June 2009: (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M7 <http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M7> , http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M8 <http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M8> ). Release 1.1 is planned for 3Q 2009, is that still the target?

Can somebody please update us on the release dates for M7, M8 and 1.1. This will help us decide which build to pick up for our product and plan the release.

Thanks and regards,
Ranjan Kumar