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[higgins-dev] RE: [STS]



I deploy your ready to run package but I face some difficulty.


When I create a card I can’t use my card normally.


In Azigo version downloadable on your website, I can import it but when I try to retrieve data I got an error message only displaying the sts base url.


Using the azigo version we’ve got in the Paris meeting, I can’t import the card (http error message). I have no log server side and Azigo’s logs are not very understandable:


4/16/2009 09:49:28.503 [INFO] mx.messaging.Channel 'direct_http_channel' channel endpoint set to http:

4/16/2009 09:49:28.503 [INFO] mx.messaging.Producer 'D5E424FF-7C03-5CFF-5563-ADE6D92D05FA' producer sending message 'A88B1953-CE92-ACF5-D25D-ADE6D937C839'

4/16/2009 09:49:28.503 [INFO] mx.messaging.Producer 'D5E424FF-7C03-5CFF-5563-ADE6D92D05FA' producer connected.

4/16/2009 09:49:49.624 [INFO] mx.messaging.Producer 'D5E424FF-7C03-5CFF-5563-ADE6D92D05FA' producer acknowledge of 'A88B1953-CE92-ACF5-D25D-ADE6D937C839'.

4/16/2009 09:49:49.624 [ERROR] mx.messaging.Producer 'D5E424FF-7C03-5CFF-5563-ADE6D92D05FA' producer fault for 'A88B1953-CE92-ACF5-D25D-ADE6D937C839'.


In a first time I thought error can come from my ssl configuration. So I created certificates, made a jks file, modified configurations files. But that didn’t solve my problem. Have you met this issue? Server side I have no error in console or in log files.


Best regards, 

Thomas Pasquier




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Is the ready-to-run package including the sources that have been used to build it?


No, but you can use the attached psf to get the source.