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Re: [higgins-dev] try the Higgins Web Selector


The Web Identity selector is a openID proxy for the Higgins roaming wallet service.

If the m-cards issued by your STS are loaded into the azigo selector then the Web Selector proxy can use them to generate openID AX claims.   

The signature over the claims are not preserved due to the nature of AX, so the utility needs to be thought through, as well as the issue of an openID RP knowing what AX claims to ask for, that would trigger your m-card.

Using the Web Identiy selector sharing cards with MS CardSpace will require changes to the selector it self to support a remote wallet.   At the moment you would manually need to manage cards across two selectors.

John Bradley 
On 30-Mar-09, at 8:11 AM, VANESSA ALVAREZ COLINA wrote:

Thanks Leonardo .
 We have another question, now about your Web Identity Selector. In normal operation, we use Windows Cardspace to manage identities with our SP and STS. But  could we  use your web identity selector with Geneva SP ?. Is the architecture of your selector ready for being used with Geneva SP?
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Hi Vanessa,
when you use the Higgins STS you can Create and then Generate a Card for a Digital Subject Profile. The card downloaded contain all the information about the STS that issued the card.
You can edit the .crd file with a text editor and check the Issuer field.
This field contains the URL of the STS where the Subject Profile (associated whit the card) is registered. In this way the card is selector agnostic (you can use MS CardSpace, Higgins Selector Switch, RCP Selector, and so on).
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Hi Jeesmon ,
Thanks for the information .But I ‘ve got a question , and is that with the selectors that you show me .. can I create a card with the Higgins STS ? .. ‘cause I think that selectors only let you create cards with their STS .. or maybe there is any point on the card selectors where can I configure the STS that I want to use ?
Thanks again,
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You can find a list of card selectors that you should be able to use at 
openinfocard selector is missing in the list and you can find it at
On Mar 30, 2009, at 6:09 AM, VANESSA ALVAREZ COLINA wrote:


Hi all,
Can anyone explain me if it is possible to use the Higgins STS , with some Identity Selector different from Cardspace .. like the one  you show on the mail down …. ??or maybe it is necessary to use another module to make them work …
Thanks in advance
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Asunto: [higgins-dev] try the Higgins Web Selector
Hi all,

You can try the Higgins Web Selector [1] if you like. As a reminder, the Web Selector is what you can use if for some reason you can't (or don't want to) install a Selector on your computer.

Go here: https://higgins.eclipse.org/web-selector-test/
This is a test OpenID relying party.

The Web Selector is currently "linked" to our Azigo RPPS, but it can be configured to use any Higgins RPPS. You need an account in the Azigo RPPS to try it. You can use the username "ms43" with password "azigo". Based on the username you can "build" an OpenID in 2 ways:

URI form: http://higgins.eclipse.org/web-selector/ms43
XRI form: =higgins*ms43

Enter one of them in the text field at the OpenID relying party. You can then try one of the following:
- Just authenticate the OpenID
- Request claim values for one of your cards (OpenID AX Fetch)
- Import a new card (OpenID AX Store)

You should also be able to use your Higgins OpenID at other OpenID relying parties, e.g. jyte.com, plaxo.com, proofile.org, moneygement.com, .....

Please let me know if you have feedback..


[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_Web_Selector
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