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AW: [higgins-dev] CardSync : Agenda for Higgins developer call March26 atnoon ET

Title: Re: [higgins-dev] CardSync : Agenda for Higgins developer call March 26 atnoon ET
The best way to convince developers/architects that Higgins components are the best way to "do Identity" is to use Higgins components in Higgins projects.
http://ignisvulpis.blogspot.com/2007/08/old-habits.html %s/CardSpace/Information Card/g

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Betreff: Re: [higgins-dev] CardSync : Agenda for Higgins developer call March26 atnoon ET


WRT auth, we agree with you. John Bradley has been suggesting the same thing to me for a couple of weeks. Why reinvent auth to the CardSync server, why not use a token. The CardSync that we threw up was just something to get the ball rolling. We want to evolve it. Your input is vital and most helpful. Don’t assume what we’ve done is anything more than a prototype. This CardSync protocol really needs to be well designed (as I’m sure you’d agree) as it could well be very important for lots of uses in the future. Your inputs are always valued, so please consider yourself part of the CardSync design team. This is one reason I like open source so much. You get many more perspectives weighing in. And if we’re willing to listen we get a better result.


On 3/26/09 8:42 AM, "Axel.Nennker@xxxxxxxxxx" <Axel.Nennker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Regarding 2. and [2] from the latest Agenda email and last weeks email regarding CardSync:

"GET Cards" is only one example of the many bad decisions from

Most methods/calls described in CardSync_Protocol reinvent the wheel!

Another example:
   AuthCredential - "/AuthCredential" Signon
You are posting a usernamePasswordAuthCredentialTO but this is sö 90ties...

The selector accessing the cardstore in the cloud is just a rich-client that needs an access token to access the cardstore.
So the way this MUST be achieved to adhere to the overall Higgins goals is:
 - send a security token request to the cardstore idp and retrieve a security token. Authenticate to the IdP using what ever method it accepts but use the standard RST for this.
 - use that security token in to access the cardstore (RP) to e.g. retrieve the cards

The difference between the data exchanged in the Signon example and the standard RST is minimal. And Higgins already has all the code needed to do it the standard way.


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Betreff: RE: CardSync was: [higgins-dev] Agenda for Higgins developer callMarch 19


GET /cardsync/rs/Cards  was implemented just for FC2 demo, it's temporary method due to i didn't finish method which return all changes (ICards, Card history, Card categories, ...)  from server between client and server root revisions.

if you think "GET Cards" is useful, i may  re-implement it  by using  RoamingStore and card extension for transferring  CardSync specific data (Revsion information etc) or without it.

I'm sure,  CardSync should be compatible with "Identity Selector Interoperability
Profile" as much as possible, but it will not  be clear/easy always usage extensions for transferring CardSync specific data, so CardSync have to define  own  schema.

it may make sense to support few methods for importing cards from Crd/Crds files and getting them, for example some Card selectors would use CardSync like on-line backup service with minimal changes.

Alexander Yuhimenko

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Subject: CardSync was: [higgins-dev] Agenda for Higgins developer call March 19
Reply-To: "Higgins (Trust Framework) Project developer discussions" <higgins-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Sorry for chiming in late but why do you define your own cardstore xml in

http://wiki.eclipse.org/CardSync_Protocol ?

Why isn't the response to

GET /cardsync/rs/Cards HTTP/1.1

a RoamingStore as defined in identity.xsd ?


There are enough extension points in the schema if you need extra data and if you do not want to use some required value then like BackgroundColor then set them to 0.


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Betreff: [higgins-dev] Agenda for Higgins developer call March 19

Time: noon Eastern
Dial-in: 1-866-362-7064 / 89-2048#

1. [Brian] 1.1M6 - was targeted for March 18
See [1]

2.   [Brian, Alexander, Andy] Selector Architecture Harmonization  
See [2]
Andy didn't quite get the Synchronizing CardStore done; may need to hand this off to another developer

3.   [Mary, Jeesmon, Jochen] Current status of RCP Selector use for EclipseCON  demo

4. [Markus]  IdAS Authentication
Markus is working on a proposal [4]

5.   [Paul] Higgins website improvements [3]
There are 6 items to discuss
2.1 Flatten Solutions into the 3 solutions areas (nav structure change)
2.2 Reorganizing Solutions
2.3 Eliminate "Higgins Data Model" (nav structure change)
2.4 New solution names
2.5 New component set names
2.6 New Downloads Page
Updated home page implementing (2.1, 2.2 and 2.3) is available in the staging area [5]

6.   [Paul] FC2 Higgins Workshop Mar 11-13 in Paris

We demoed the Selector Linux-GTK reading/writing cards using CardSync
FC2 member (Orange) has developed a selector for Nokia J2me phone
FC2 has also developed a web selector

7. [Paul] Propose merge web ICM and the Web Selector together into a single solution

8. [Paul] CardSync

JohnB's authentication idea (use personal card)
Should we use it as the one and only CardStore API for the Higgins selector? This was discussed briefly last week in Paris. Perhaps a simple core protocol and then extensions.

9. [Paul, Markus] All Selectors diagram [6]

Discuss if diagram is correct WRT process boundaries (as noted in [6])

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1M6
[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Selector_Architecture_Harmonization
[3] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Higgins_1.1_Plan#Website
[4] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Authentication_Materials
[5] http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ver2/index.php
[6] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Selector_Overview#H1.1_All_Selectors

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