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Re: [higgins-dev] Higgins and EclipseCon 2009

Thanks Mary.

The submission deadline for EclipseCon 2008 was (up until about an hour ago) today. You now have (I believe) until Friday to submit additional talk proposals.

FWIW, I think that there's been enough buzz about Higgins in the broader Eclipse community to expect a Higgins talk to be well-attended.


Mary Ruddy wrote:

Thanks for the enthusiasm about Higgins topics. We would be happy to review
the presentation materials.

We are still working out who from Higgins we be at the event... And will let
you know what else we can do.


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Greetings Higgins developers,

There is a proposal in the EclipseCon submissions system about using Higgins
with Eclipse RCP [1]. Frankly, I'm pretty excited about and look forward to
the talk.

However, I'd like somebody from Higgins to be involved. Can somebody
volunteer to at least help with reviewing the presentation materials? Ideally, I'd like to have somebody from Higgins be a co-presenter to give
the talk a little bit of extra credibility and (more importantly) to give
Higgins a little more visibility within the broader Eclipse community.

FWIW, I know three of the four current speakers personally and know them to
have first-class technical skills and excellent speaking credentials.

While I'm at it... It'd be nice to see another Higgins talk (or even a
tutorial) proposed...



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