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[higgins-dev] ICM & RPPS problems

Hello all,
I tried last week to deploy the icm and the Rpps, it seemed to me that it worked well but I did not have test
all the functionalities.
I have some problems:
- When I create a sef-issued card, I cannot import a picture, (no error in the log),
- Sometimes I have an error message during the creation of a self issued card (screenshot:selfissued_creation_error.png),
- I cannot import a managed card (no error in the log),
- I cannot backup cards (no error in the log),
- When I send a self-issued card to a RP I have an error (screenshot:selfissued_usage_error.png).
Could you give me some light on this?
I would like to know what version of the ICM and RPPS you use at the address https://higgins.eclipse.org
and what is your configuration.
I use the B-1-1M1 version of Higgins code, tomcat 5.5 on Win XP.

Thanks for your help.

Kevin Fontaine.

Attachment: selfissued_creation_error.png
Description: selfissued_creation_error.png

Attachment: selfissued_usage_error.png
Description: selfissued_usage_error.png