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Re: [higgins-dev] entityID not an attribute?

Jim and I discussed this quite a bit this AM and I believe, for the
JNDI CP and others where the entryID isn't necessarily already an
attribute on the entity in the backing store, that the easiest
strategy to code to would be one in which the entityID is NOT
considered just another attribute, as Paul proposed.

There are a number of ways in which entry IDs could be presented
from a given LDAP entry but the "default" way would be to use some
form of it's Distinguished Name (DN).  So far, we've just used name
mapping rules via our Java Script Policy PDPs to make DN's look
friendly to IdAS consumers.  For example, we return "tdoman" as
the entity ID instead of "cn=tdoman,o=higgins,dc=com".  However,
DN's are not searchable like attributes such as "cn" are.  So, it
would actually be easier programatically, to separate out entityID
searching in the JNDI CP to be a special case that has to be post

Now, there are other ways we could choose to map characteristics
of an LDAP entry to an IdAS entry ID.  We could choose, via
configuration, to use a unique attribute or a unique set of attributes
from the entry to create it's entry ID.  For example, a GUID
The simplest way to handle that case would be to return the GUID
value as an attribute which also happened to be the value returned
from a call to getEntryID().  Then we're not having to suppress an
attribute as a special case in our code either.

I'm sure I'm assuming some LDAP knowledge that isn't had by all
but I'd be happy to clarify anything that needs it but I think Jim
where I'm coming from here and we can hash it out when he's back
in the office.


>>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 09/03/08 11:31 PM >>> 
I'd like to hear what others have to say on this topic as I know there
are not yet many CPs that expose entityID as an attribute of an

>>> Paul Trevithick <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 09/03/08 10:04 PM >>>


Sounds like you think there*s good utility in keeping it the way it
You may well be right. My reason for changing it is that doing so
Higgins* CDM closer to RDF. It might not be a good enough reason. In
fact, for folks that couldn*t give a hoot about RDF I realize that
is reason at all!

However, for those of us like me who already see CDM from a semantic
not entirely from a syntactic) POV as being very close to RDF (and who
like the power of RDF and the cool RDF tools), it makes CDM even
to explain relative to RDF. E.g. We can say quickly that *CDM has
semantics of RDF plus a few syntactic transforms, plus Contexts, plus
more powerful identifier (UDIs vs. HTTP-URIs).*. If we keep EntityIDs
attributes (as they are in IdAS today) then we have another difference
to explain. Namely, a kind of automatic copying of the entity*s
intrinsic identity (its id) into an attribute of the identity. I know
that sounded weird, but in RDF the id IS the thing, it isn*t an
attribute of the thing. Or said another way, in RDF every id IS a node
in the RDF graph whereas attributes (properties) are links from the
to literals or other nodes.].

Stepping back a bit, I just want to reiterate that as we all know, our
common goal is to make IdAS a great API for java developers. To do so
we*ve developed CDM * a set of abstractions that are at a higher
level than RDF triples and more convenient to work with [I doubt
much argument about that!]. So if the consensus is that the IdAS API
(and thus CDM) is better served by keeping this
management* transform the way it is in IdAS today, then heres all we
need to do:

I need to re-edit the relevant higgins wiki pages (e.g.
http://wiki.eclipse.org/Entity, etc.) [easy] 

Folks need to search and replace any code that used higgins:entityId
use cdm:entityId instead. E.g.:

Code that used
http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/higgins#entityId (
ins/ontologies/2008/6/higgins#entityId ) 

Should now use
http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/cdm.owl#entityId (
http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/cdm.owl#entityId ) 

[why? cuz in 1.1.106 I split higgins.owl into higgins.owl and


On 9/3/08 6:52 PM, "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


 I had thought we agreed that
http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/higgins#entityID (
http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/higgins#entityID )
<http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/higgins#entityID (
http://www.eclipse.org/higgins/ontologies/2008/6/higgins#entityID )> 
was an attribute found on every entity in a context.  In a recent mail
from Paul, he says:    


 > My latest thinking (reflected in higgins.owl 1.1.106 and the wiki
present) is that we should NOT consider entityID to be "just another
attribute". It should be considered something different from an
attribute. If you want it, call getEntityID() but you won*t find it
the usual set of attributes.      


 I'm wondering what the reason for this is.  I know that if we say
an attribute, it allows IdAS consumers to search for entities by
entityID in an easy way (like find me all the entities where the
entityID begins with "tom", where if we make it a special thing, we
to have a special kind of filter element just for it.  So I just
to make sure the reason to not include it among attributes is worth
losing the natural search capability.