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[higgins-dev] Higgins SVN status - write mode enabled

The Eclipse webmaster has:

 " finished the import of the Higgins repository from last Saturdays tape archive. At this time it's live on svnroot/org.eclipse.higgins, and write mode has been enabled.

As I indicated previously to me it looks like there are 20 missing commits between when the archive was created and when I started this move last week. However I cannot determine which project(s) these commits belong to, so Valery and Andy will probably want to compare the current tree at Eclipse.org with their local copies. It's my understanding that they should just be able to 're-commit' any files in their local workspace that are newer than the Eclipse.org tree.

I apologize that this took so very long to get back, and I appreciate the patience your team has had in waiting for me to fix this. "

There may be other folks with missing commits.  Andy was just one person who we knew was missing things. This was much more problematic than Eclipse initially expected.  Our apologies for all the inconvenience.